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Job Interview Tips

4 Ways to Stand Out During the Interview Process

By Erica Trinidad on January 1, 2018

A common mistake that jobseekers make is thinking that their impression on the company they're applying for ends and begins at the interview. But the thing is, every interaction a candidate has with a recruiter is a chance to make or break their consideration of you. Check out how you can stand out and make your impression count by using the tactics below:

1. Send a Thank You Email/Note Right After

If your interview was conducted in person, experts say that a handwritten note is far & few nowadays—and it's exactly the thing that can help you stand out. Sending a written note doesn't only convey thoughtfulness, but it shows how grateful you are for them taking the time out to interview you.

If you can't provide a handwritten note, a thank you email sent within 24 hours of the interview should suffice. Aside from showing that you're gracious, it also helps you stand out to the recruiter compared to other candidates.

2. Following Up the Right Away

So you've nailed your interview: congrats! They even told you next steps, when they would get back to you, and where to expect a message (email or text, for example).

And yet—they didn't follow through on what they said. You start asking yourself if you did anything wrong, or if you heard them incorrectly. But don't fret: usually, these recruiters just became busy, or the next people who're supposed to interview you are just out of the office.

In this case, there is a correct timeline and procedure to follow when following up. Ideally, you should wait 1-2 weeks after the interview. And as much as possible, you shouldn't call: try sending an email instead. Re-emphasize that you appreciated them taking the time out to meet with you, how excited you are for the opportunity to join their company, and lastly, that you look forward to hearing from them on next steps.

3. Treating Every Person You Meet with Respect

You should make sure that every impression you make with any person from the company is spotless. From the doorman to the secretary, any of these people can give feedback to your interviewer on the depth of your character. Be sure that you greet them warmly, ask politely, say thank you when possible, and be respectful at all times.

This doesn't just apply before the interview, but even after it.

4. Asking Thoughtful Questions

Jobseekers usually view interviews as a one-way street. Schooled as we are, we end up treating them as final exams: our only chance for assessment, and our only job is to give the correct answer.

This is a widely held notion that's sadly mistaken. Interviews are a two-way street: not only is it your chance to snag that job, but it's ultimately your opportunity to learn as much as you can if this role and company are right for you. Be sure to prepare questions beforehand that you can ask after the interview that can give you a better picture on working there.

Not only does this give you a fuller picture of what you're signing up for if ever you get hired, but it also shows the interviewer just how interested you are in the position. They'll appreciate that you've taken the time out to take the extra step to prepare questions on top of your answers, and it shows them just how seriously you're taking the opportunity to work with them.

Go Big or Go Home

At the end of the day, you should first and foremost focus on answering your interviewer the right way. Nothing beats a prepared candidate who knows how to get the job done and inspires confidence with their future company.

But of course, with anything else, being extra prepared never hurts. We hope these tips can help you elevate your interview game so you can snag that dream job right away!

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