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Musytaqul Hasan: There's Always a First Time for Everything in Accenture Indonesia

By Dwi Fitria Aprilianti on October 10, 2017

“There is so much room to innovate. We do things we’ve never done before! No, forget that, we do things nobody has ever done before.”

Working with over 75% of the Global Fortune 500, Accenture provides technology-based consultancy and services, tailored to clients’ specific needs. It’s agreed by many employees at Accenture that working within the firm is often a once-in-a-lifetime learning and growth experience. Kalibrr had the chance to connect with 5 inspiring team members of Accenture Indonesia to get an inside look into working at the top.

Musytaqul Hasan, known as Uul, an Associate Manager, has been with Accenture for almost 6 years.  He shares it’s the company’s ‘can do’ attitude that has allowed him to grow and learn over the years.

Uul says when he first joined the team as a fresh graduate, he was pleasantly surprised by the trust and belief that was instilled in him. “Accenture has taught me not to be afraid. Supervisors don’t blame us if we do something wrong, it is a learning process and they understand if we make mistakes.” He explains that there is always someone there to guide you across each project you are assigned and that the team was interested in one another’s progress. “It’s never going to be a one-man job - you need to know how to be a team player.”

“I find that we can communicate well and everyone heavily contributes to the project. We trust our teammates. Once we have divided the work, we know what’s going on with one another. We know that they can deliver well, we make sure to help those that need it. Even if it is not our assigned job, we’re all ready to help.”

Musytaqul Hasan
Another exciting feature to note is that at Accenture, you can work on a private project and are supported for it. “There is so much room to innovate.” He exclaimed. “We do things we’ve never done before! No, forget that, we do things nobody has done before.”   

Uul believes that when you have a supportive team, you will be able to deliver great quality of work to your clients. He says they continue to gain experience across each new project, following various pathways. As you grow as an individual, you allow your team to grow with you.

And with this we bid good luck to you with your future at Accenture, Uul.


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