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Stefi Cuhadi: A Global Technical Language, A Global Team, and A Global Culture at Accenture Indonesia

By Permata Indwita Setia Putri on September 12, 2017

“Everyone speaks the same technical language, where we adopt the same strong culture - to respect each other and strive to constantly deliver the best for our clients.”

Working with over 75% of the Global Fortune 500, Accenture provides technology-based consultancy and services, tailored to clients’ specific needs. It’s agreed by many employees at Accenture that working within the firm is often a once-in-a-lifetime learning and growth experience. Kalibrr had the chance to connect with 5 inspiring team members of Accenture Indonesia to get an inside look into working at the top.

Stefi Cuhadi, a graduate in Computerized Accounting, now works as a Software Engineer Senior Associate at Accenture. Stefi has been working at Accenture for 3 years and has gained a lot of invaluable experiences that support her personal and professional development.

Stefi has seized several opportunities to connect, work and learn from Accenture’s global network through a variety of overseas projects. In her current project, her clients and team leader are located overseas. This keeps her more proactive, sharpening her skills as a client manager. Prior to these projects, she mentioned she was quite a shy person, not being able to express what she thought or felt. On the professional front, she was technical but didn’t have deep understanding or expertise in the business field. With a background in computerized accounting and was deployed as a software engineer, unable to handle client management side of things.

Stefi Cuhadi
Now she is able to intensively manage her clients on more of a business front. She says that primarily, she owes this progression to team leaders and peers on the job. Secondly, she finds that the synergy between the global team was an important factor that allowed her to thrive at Accenture.

“What was exciting was that we all came from different backgrounds, yet there was absolutely no culture shock. Accenture has built a global technical language, one in which we adopt the same strong culture - respecting one another, and delivering no less than the best for our clients.”

Stefi now works with leaders of multinational companies in Indonesia, with both confidence and complete technical understanding. Truly inspiring.


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