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Kenneth Hendrawan: Accenture Indonesia Turned My Software Engineering Dreams into Reality

By Permata Indwita Setia Putri on September 9, 2017

“I’m happy here because everyone is treated equally and this always allows me to thrive.”

Working with over 75% of the Global Fortune 500, Accenture provides technology-based consultancy and services, tailored to clients’ specific needs. It’s agreed by many employees at Accenture that working within the firm is often a once-in- a-lifetime learning and growth experience. Kalibrr had the chance to connect with 5 inspiring team members of Accenture Indonesia to get an inside look into working at the top.

Currently working as Software Engineering Specialist at Accenture, Kenneth’s role requires him to work with global technology companies. He admits that initially “IT was a foreign language to me.” In his days at university, he was unsure whether he wouldn’t be able to succeed in the IT sector.

After coming to Accenture, Kenneth’s fighting spirit kept him afloat. With continued support from his team, he was taught to work with various software, sometimes being among a handful in the company with the knowledge to decode it. He delivered well, taking full advantage of this incredible learning experience. And after having solved his initial case, he says that his career path at Accenture became “very clear.”

[caption id="attachment_11442" align="aligncenter" width="620"] Kenneth Hendrawan[/caption]

What he found most exciting over the years was how, if a tech solution didn’t exist, the company was able to craft one.

We asked him if he had any tips, for millennials looking to become a part of the consultancy world, and whether there was something important to keep in mind.

He recommended to “Have patience if you’re looking to be a part of the consultancy world. We work under a lot of pressure, but we’re growing at such a quick pace. We stay relevant, we are current.”

Kenneth was able to decipher the foreign language of IT impressing his peers and more importantly himself along the way. Every project brought in a new demand and with it plenty of new learning experiences. We hope that Kenneth can continue to grow and learn in his coming years at the company.

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