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4 Excellent Reasons This Company Will Help You Start Your Career Right

By Poyen Ramos on August 8, 2017

You finally took the walk wearing your cap and gown, diploma in hand, and ready to take on the world. Finishing college is an amazing feeling, but after the sense of relief fades away, it’s time to get moving.

When it’s time to start hunting for your first job, try to find a company that has a solid growth strategy planned out for their employees; a company that will not only benefit from your contributions but one that will also help you fulfill your career goals.

One company stands out from the rest is Harte Hanks; and here are 4 reasons why this global marketing services firm will help you start your career right.

You will develop valuable skills and experience

As a fresh graduate, managing your own growth and career development from the start is just as important as finishing school because skills and knowledge you get from working in a great company will play a major role when eyeing for a promotion, or applying for your next job.

“Working at Harte Hanks has helped me become more collaborative,” said Erick, Operations Supervisor at Harte Hanks Philippines, adding that he has also developed his leadership skills through their training.

Working in a fast-paced environment means that you’re doing several projects at once, meeting specific targets without sacrificing the quality of service, and working with a diverse yet collaborative team. These are all assets of development which are great to point out in future interviews.

You will master the art of teamwork and collaboration

You’ve probably heard of the saying, “teamwork makes the dream work.” This is precisely true over at Harte Hanks where you get to be part of a dynamic team and make things happen for your clients.

The possibility to work with people that are not in your circle of interest is important because it forces you to be flexible and learn to work in a team. And, as we all know, working in a team demands different skills and talents.

“There are good days and challenging days, but with my supportive human resources team, we get the job done with less stress,” mentions Abet, Human Resources Officer.

You will grow and advance in your career

Harte Hanks has a fast-paced work environment, and those who do well in this type of environment can easily thrive—and so can their careers.

Jerelle started as an administrative staff when she entered Harte Hanks, and within just a few years, she was promoted to Facilities Administrative Supervisor.

“I didn’t expect to get promoted, but [the company] saw my good performance and thought that I was ready. I saw myself grow and evolve here at Harte Hanks,” said Jerelle adding that she was promoted twice in a short span of time.

Erick, too, started as an agent, who was then promoted to operations supervisor.

“I'm proud to say that from agent level, I became a supervisor within a few years of service in the company,” said Erick. “This is a great achievement for me as an employee. I like the fact that despite several movements and changes from the past years, I'm still working here.”

They said that the secret to staying this long and reaching this far takes commitment, focus, self-motivation, and of course supportive managers and colleagues.

You will work with international companies

As an American company, Harte Hanks has a long list of upscale international clientele. And working on big accounts gives you the opportunity to access and learn the way a company works from day to day.

“There’s a sense of prestige for me working with a global company like Harte Hanks. It’s definitely a good company, to begin with,” mentioned Jerelle saying that she’s proud to be working in an American company.

This fact and the continuous chance to step up to a better position are great reasons for you to choose to work in a company like this.

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