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Indonesia Success Story

How to Land a Job in Your Dream Company

By Laura Urip on July 10, 2017

Meet Clarissa Paulina Aubrey, an International Relations graduate from Universitas Katolik Parahyangan, an active volunteer and project coordinator, now a secretary at her dream company, Ciputra Group.

As an active volunteer, Clarissa believes that she wouldn’t be here without all the experiences she gathered along the way. One of which was her role as Project Manager in the “Program Pendidikan dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat” — a university-held community service event that created community impact by developing the drainage system and promoting the use of garbage cans in Sindulang Village, Jawa Barat. 

Clarissa’s (third from the left) graduation from Universitas Katolik Parahyangan with her friends and family.

Clarissa’s journey at Ciputra began on social media, “I was on my Instagram when Kalibrr’s advertisement popped up on my timeline! I was interested to see what jobs they have to offer!”

After she spent a brief moment searching through the available jobs on Kalibrr, she was ecstatic to have found her dream company Ciputra on the list.

What made you want to apply to Ciputra?

“I always dreamt of joining a great company, one of them being Ciputra. They have a strong reputation, positive working culture, and they’re a company that’s admired by both my friends and family.”

"You're an International Relations student, why did you apply for a secretary position?"

“People asked me time and time again, ‘you’re an International Relations student, why did you apply for a secretary position?’ To which I would say, it’s important to always be open to any opportunities that are in front of you. Besides, what I learned in university and through my time volunteering –  negotiation skills, confidence, interpersonal and public communication skills – are the same skillsets that I can grow now.”

What we could take from Clarissa’s positive outlook to her new-found career pathway is to not limit your learning because of a job title. You’ll never know what skills and experiences you can gain if you don’t take chances.

“...Go out there, explore, and find as many experiences as you can…Trust me, they will not go to waste.”

“To all fresh graduates, go out there, explore, and find as many experiences as you can either through campus organizations or internships. Trust me, they will not go to waste. It will be needed once you get into that working environment. I’ll end with this, be brave and confident with every ability you have.”

Any word of advice for job seekers out there? 

“If you’re searching for a professional job, Kalibrr would be a really great place to look. It has comprehensive features to showcase our profile even more, such as achievements and volunteer activities. It makes it easy for us to tell the whole story, as I know that it’s very hard to be portrayed correctly when you’re only considered from your CV. There are also assessments that let us test our abilities and assess our skills that we might not even know we’re good at.”

Calling out to all the young, talented, energized learners looking to achieve your dreams: we’re here to help you get to where you want to be.

One of the volunteer activities Clarissa participated in with her friends.