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Aleph Indonesia: Limitless Possibilities at Your Fingertips

By Laura Urip on July 7, 2017

The future of advertising is digital. The future of digital is now.

Aleph Indonesia is the future of creative digital advertising where they have taken a leap in the field of marketing, building a culture based on their lively, respectful and innovative workforce. Their culture is what makes them who they are and it encompasses the essence of unity in diversity.

Consider it lucky when you’re given the opportunity to work somewhere where your personal values resonate with the mission and vision of the company.

[caption id="attachment_11258" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Aleph Indonesia's office space[/caption]

Though as collective they are known as Aleph, Aleph in Indonesia is known by two brands — Xion as the digital creative communications agency and Aleph as a technology solution agency.

Aleph Indonesia has taught us how a group of unique individuals, coming from completely different backgrounds, were able to come together and build something they are proud of, challenging themselves along the way.

Meet Gilroy Timothy, a Visual Communication and Graphic Design major from Raffles Design Institute Singapore, now a Senior UI/UX Designer at Aleph Indonesia.

[caption id="attachment_11266" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Gilroy Timothy, Senior UI/UX Designer[/caption]

Interestingly enough, his initial interview was for a position in Aleph Singapore and Aleph Malaysia before working in Aleph Indonesia.

“I wanted to work in Singapore but I was given the opportunity to grow in my home country so I took the chance.”

“It surprised me how much I’ve grown in this company.”

When he told us about his greatest achievement, he said it would have to be when he single-handedly closed a client - Indonesia’s national airline company, wow.

“It was tough but I was able to do it. It was one of those moments when you are feeling small but then you realize you have something bigger in you. It definitely motivated me to keep on growing every day.”

As one of the first to see the growth at Aleph Indonesia, Rezki Jatianing Warni -- Account Director of Xion -- shared her insight on how the individuals made it possible for the company to progress at a fast pace.

[caption id="attachment_11264" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Rezki Jatianing Warni, Account Director [/caption]

“When 90% of employees are young adults, we’re more open to changes and innovation. Even when it doesn’t work, we could just change it back. It amazes me how, as a company, we’re always backing each other up.”

“Take the Friday flocket for instance. Every Friday, we gather to have brunch and a sharing session for the whole company. There was this time where we managed to hold a fashion show during the Friday flocket and people showed up with luggage full of clothes, ready to make it happen.”

“Just as the world is constantly changing, we also have to constantly improve ourselves. There is no way that we can solve a new problem with an old way of thinking. We have to allow mistakes to happen.” Added Pancanita Manalu, the Human Resources Manager of Aleph Indonesia.

[caption id="attachment_11256" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Pancanita Manalu, Human Resources Manager[/caption]

Her eagerness to tackle new challenges was one of her main reasons to work in Aleph Indonesia.

“When I met the CEO, I saw someone smart, a young visionary - someone who will push me to be the best version of myself. As an HR, it was my responsibility to change the way people treat “work”. When people come to the office, I want them to come inspired, excited, and ready to work their magic.”

Instilling some of her own values into the Aleph Indonesia family, the atmosphere she strived was one that got people inspired and moving.

“I don’t believe in putting people in boxes. When we allow flexibility, transparent communication comes naturally.”

As each person puts a little bit of themselves into the company, it came to be known for its camaraderie.

People come for the positive working environment, with colleagues that are constantly innovating and growing. They defined “office” as more than just a physical place to work.

Dimas Adhipratama, the Human Resources and Recruitment Executive, believes that “togetherness is our value. it’s not something you find in any other company."

[caption id="attachment_11253" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Dimas Adhipratama, Human Resources and Recruitment Executive[/caption]

Despite hearing how the working hours are in creative agencies, Dimas made the big move from Bandung where he lived all his life to a new career opportunity in Jakarta.

“Although we work long hours, the people that we work with balance everything out.”

“I love the working environment and the people in the company. They are like family to me.” Added David Adisanjaya, Lead Front End Developer of Aleph Indonesia.

[caption id="attachment_11251" align="aligncenter" width="600"]David Adisanjaya, Lead Front End Developer[/caption]

“The team is what drives us to success. Not only that they’re able to come up with something new, but they’re also so agile and fast in executing their ideas.”

"If you're ready to go beyond the ordinary, you belong here. We embrace growth -- we learn together, we grow together."

Growth is always possible here in Aleph Indonesia. Despite her little experience as Aginda Erdhiya started her journey, she was promoted to Senior Account Executive within one year.

[caption id="attachment_11249" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Aginda Erdhiya, Senior Account Executive[/caption]

“It really didn’t feel like I’ve been here for two years. With a passion and team like them, those long hours meant nothing. I couldn’t imagine working without them, without the hustle and bustle work environment like this.”

Seeing how the company's social media division grew from 4 to over 40 people, Pritasari Himawan, Content and Community Director in Xion, shared that “if you want to grow, you want career advancements - it’s available here. There are cases where people started off nowhere, but within three years became leaders, let’s say Lead Strategist for instance.”

[caption id="attachment_11261" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Pritasari Himawan, Content and Community Director[/caption]

“If you are passionate about learning, you will survive here. If you're ready to go beyond the ordinary, you belong here. We embrace growth -- we learn together, we grow together."

Seeing as she was the most experienced of the group, I asked her for her opinion about working in a company with mostly young adults on her team.  What she responded was worth a read.

“You know what, I’m not intimidated, in fact, they should be intimidated by me. Sometimes I find myself a little anxious because the millennials are limited by their feelings. They work fast but they are not able to see the value behind their work. I want them to come to work with passion, not that these are just mundane everyday tasks.”

“Enjoy whatever it is that you do. Enjoy the process and if you don’t understand your purpose - ask someone! Don’t take everything to heart but find your sense of purpose in your work. When you can learn to enjoy your work, you’ll be able to outdo anyone.”

Aleph Indonesia is hiring! Discover your possibilities now.