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Here's How To Apply For Your Dream Company (Even If They Don't Have Openings)

By Aryanna Martin on May 5, 2017

So you’ve been planning to quit your job and apply for this company that you really like. You’ve done your research and you’re quite convinced that this is the company for you. The only problem is, there seems to be no job opening at the moment for the role that you want.

We’re all wired to think that we can only apply for companies when they have jobs posted publicly. However, there are times when a company would choose not to advertise a job opening and would still accept applications in preparation for a vacancy in the near future. Some cold applications (applying for a company despite the absence of a specific job post) may even turn into hires if the candidate is impressive enough.

Here are some tips on how you can apply for your dream company even if there’s no opening:

Reach out and let them know you’re interested

The first step is reaching out. It's really that simple. (via Shutterstock)
One of the best (and simplest) ways to get your dream company to notice you is to reach out and express your interest in them. Hiring managers are used to processing dozens of applications for their postings in a day and receiving an unexpected email will surely catch their attention.

When crafting your email or message, make sure to introduce yourself, state your interest, and explain how you can give value to the organization. Send along a copy of your CV or a link to your website or portfolio to give the receiver an idea of who you are and how you work.

Another way for you to get noticed is by sending your application directly to a key decision maker. This may be the leader in the team that you want to be part of. When this person sees the value that you can bring to the team, he will find a way to create an opening for you.

While your email may or may not lead to a response from the hiring manager or key decision maker, the important thing is that you were able to , the important thing is that you were able to demonstrate your interest.

Ask a friend to endorse/introduce you to the hiring manager

If you feel that simply sending an email is not enough, you can ask your friends for help to connect you to the hiring manager. This works especially if you have friends who are already working in the company. They can put in a good word for you and even nudge the hiring manager to consider your application. At the very least, you already have your foot in the door, and that’s a big step towards the right direction.

Pitch or negotiate your role

Sell yourself well, and you might just win over someone with your pitch. (via Shutterstock)

There may not be an opening for a role that you like but it doesn’t exactly mean that they don’t need additional help.  Job requirements are negotiable. Find a company problem that you can solve and create a solution or a strategy for it before even getting hired. If you’re in the design and creative field, take a look at the company’s website or promotional materials. Identify areas for improvement and create a mockup or sample graphic incorporating these suggestions. If you’re in the retail industry, observe their retail strategy and try to create a new one that would meet the company’s goals.

Regardless of your industry, speaking and connecting with current employees can help you understand how you can help out. Companies love people with initiative and those who can solve problems for them. By proving to them that you can bring value, the chances of them creating a position for you is higher.

Apply for related positions

If you’re really interested in working for this company, you can try applying for these roles and just transfer when a vacancy comes up. Not only will you be able to understand the interdependence of various functions in the company, you might also learn new skills that can even help you transfer to the role that you aspire to have.

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