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Indonesia Success Story

Why Now is the Right Time to Come Back to Indonesia

By Andrea Tamara on April 4, 2017

As an overseas student, it’s never easy deciding whether you should build your career in Indonesia or stay abroad. Meet Cynthia Dewi, a fresh graduate from Newcastle University (Honors in Marketing and Management) whom within 1-year has become the Operations & Logistics Lead at a multi billion-dollar global technology firm. She graciously made some time to share her journey as a fresh graduate finding and building her career in Indonesia.

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Cynthia was a president at AISEC United Kingdom, Newcastle University
What made you decide to work in Indonesia?

“Usually, most students studying abroad wouldn’t plan to work in Indonesia. However, I feel Indonesia is where all the growth is right now. It is where start-up companies and the economy is scaling up their growth, and hence you can develop so much more here."

“I took the opportunity to apply all my education and professional skills I’ve attained overseas back to Indonesia. I feel there’s still so much room for experimentation and improvement, which opens huge opportunities to anyone who’s interested.”

"Indonesia is where the growth is right now."

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What are the misconceptions that overseas students might have about coming back home to work in Indonesia?

“I think it’s the shame-like feeling of ‘Oh, you didn’t attain any kind of work overseas.’ Working overseas does sound cool, however I realise it doesn’t mean Indonesia doesn’t have the same opportunities. Right now, I can make significant contributions to my home country and it has been incredibly fulfilling.”

“Another misconception is that after studying abroad, we will be coming home to an unfamiliar community that lives with a different culture and way of thinking than we do. I was afraid of the culture shock I might need to face, that I will have a different mindset of my own. But the truth is, there are lots of people who think like I do. That’s how my colleagues and I work - we pursue goals with the same mindset of creating great impact together.”

Coming back for good, was it worth it?

“Yes, especially since I had the experience of being approached and hired by a global company. I wouldn’t want to miss out on any of these opportunities, especially in making real progress through my work. Kalibrr helped bring me to a workplace where I can professionally grow – and a place of growth is where I want to be.”

What are your tips for Indonesian overseas graduates to find the right job?

“My suggestion for fresh graduates is to make yourself searchable and approachable by companies and recruiters. Not long after I signed up to Kalibrr, I was approached by my current employer. I can say that I’m fortunate because it was a rigorous applications process however after passing numerous assessments, I finally got the job!”

"My suggestion for fresh graduates is to make yourself searchable and approachable by companies and recruiters."

We were all by inspired by Cynthia’s passion, not only for her own career, but also for accelerating the progress of her home nation. It’s not always the easiest decision, but coming home to make a difference is always a noble choice.

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