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7 Great Reasons to Work for This International Tech Company

By Kalibrr Content Hub on March 3, 2017

As you start your job search, you’ve probably thought of either working at a big company or for a startup. Both have their pros and cons, but the important question is: will they help you fulfill your career goals?

Amdocs, a leading software and services provider to the world’s most successful communications and media companies, is one company you should consider when looking for a place to begin and grow your career.

Maybe the first thing that crossed your mind after hearing the words “software and services” were images of computers and programmers typing line after line of code.  Don’t be misled though. The opportunities in the IT industry are endless: from software development, product support, testing, IT and infrastructure – and these don’t represent the full spectrum of Amdocs. The company has equally robust opportunities in sales, operations, HR, finance and more.

If you’re looking for a great start to your career, look no further. Here are seven great reasons why Amdocs should be the first — or next — step in your career, according to Amdocs team members themselves:

1. Amdocs takes professional growth seriously

Amdocs provides employees with plenty of opportunities to improve their knowledge and skill, both during a project and outside it.

“We have e-courses, as well as external and internal training. Every time there’s new software or new equipment, we have an allotted budget for training [in using the new equipment],” said Kim Gallego, Amdocs site facilities management expert.

2. Amdocs supports and empowers employees to take on challenges

Management usually makes the decisions as to how to run things, while the rest of the team focuses on executing the game plan. At Amdocs however, every team member is allowed to explore how to best tackle a problem.

“They [Amdocs management] are supportive if you need something,” said Senior Business Analyst Arman Ornido.

“They give us time to find a solution on our own. They give us a chance, and they will back us if it’s the right solution.”

Support doesn’t only come from having the freedom to do your work your own way. What’s also  great about this company are the superb benefits to make sure you’re able to do your best comfortably—HMO, flexible time, an in-house clinic and resting quarters, among others.

3. You’ll get to work with people all over the world

When you have around 25,000 employees in over 90 countries, this means working with different nationalities, ethnicities, and cultures. And just imagine what that is like — conducting meetings with participants in different time zones and countries, hearing different languages, and experiencing different work cultures and ethics.

Diversity can be complex at times, but everyone in Amdocs agrees it’s what makes the work more exciting.

“There’s never a dull moment here. At the end of the day, everyone, locals and foreigners, still respect each other. And it’s great that we’re all learning from each other as well,” says Richard Valdizno, software support team lead.

4. Amdocs fosters a collaborative work environment

Amdocs Philippines is only five years old, but already has over 400 employees and is still growing. In 2017 Amdocs plans to expand and hire more talented professionals. Despite its size, Amdocs is proud of the amount of collaboration that happens between its teams.

Just as in team sports like basketball or soccer, Amdocs teams regularly huddle together to discuss the work that needs to be done, where team leads can offer help and support, as well as making sure that everyone is aligned with their goals.

5. Amdocs pays well for a job well done

In working for a company that has divisions ranging from business development to operations to software development to data management, work can get really challenging. More than meeting your own goals, you also have to fulfill the expectations of other team members.

But Amdocs backs up your efforts with the pay you deserve, and people from the Amdocs team happily confirm this.

“Yes, work is challenging, but what’s great is that Amdocs compensates us well for all our efforts. And that’s one of the many reasons why I’m still here,” says Reinee Onda, an Amdocs consultant.

6. Free snacks every day!

Who wouldn’t be happy with free food?

On every floor there’s a pantry with a large coffee machine, tea bags, and a stock of regularly replenished bread and spreads, along with fruits served in the morning. There’s even a refrigerator to store your food for those who like to bring home-cooked meals to work.

Afternoons get better when the free snacks arrive at the pantry every 4:30pm. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian snacks are available, catering to the company’s diverse culture.

These snack breaks are actually also a way for the different teams to get together and chat for a bit — time to relax before going back to work.

7. You’ll have the opportunity to travel abroad

While most of us can only dream of travelling, Amdocs sends employees abroad to visit their international offices expose them to a different working environment within the same company.

“As far as motivation is concerned, we have enormous traveling opportunities. A lot of our people occasionally fly in and fly out,” according to Technologies Manager Rohit Khanna.

Rommel Lazatin, a software engineer, travelled abroad for training. He admitted it wasn’t easy being in a different environment, but just like every Amdocs employee, he embraced the challenge and took advantage of it.

“When I was new here, I was sent to Indonesia for 3 months’ training,” said Rommel.

“It was a lot of pressure, but I just needed to adapt because I wanted to learn. It was a great opportunity to meet the teams there as well.”

Ready to start a career at Amdocs? They are looking for excellent, hardworking individuals! Check out their job openings here.

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