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The Perfect Job for Every MBTI Type

By Kalibrr Content Hub on December 12, 2016

Personality tests are a great way to learn more about yourself. They allow you to cluster and study different traits that you possess in order to understand your temperament and way of thinking and acting. The obsession with self-discovery has made the workforce very aware of matching their skills and qualifications with jobs that it's no surprise that there are jobs that are "perfect" for our temperaments and personality types as well.


The Pragmatists
Let's get real: Pragmatists thrive in work environments that make use of their skills in logic and produce tangible results.

ESTJ - insurance agent, pharmacist, lawyer, project manager, judge

ISTJ - auditor, accountant, chief financial officer, web developer, government employee

ESTP - detective, financial adviser, investor, sales manager, sports coach

ISTP - civil engineer, economist, pilot, data analyst, physician

The Caretakers
The Caretakers will put other's needs ahed of theirs and if their work can help someone thrive, then their job is done.

ESFJ - sales representative, nurse/healthcare worker, social worker, PR account executive, loan officer

ISFJ - dentist, school teacher, librarian, franchise owner, customer service representative

ESFP - child welfare counselor, physician, actor, interior designer, environmental scientist

ISFP - fashion designer, physical therapist, massage therapist, landscape architect, storekeeper

The Empaths
They feel you: Empaths make the most of their work when they can connect and make their environment better for everyone.

ENFJ - account executive, PR specialist, corporate trainer, sales manager, HR professional

INFJ - therapist/mental health counselor, social worker, HR manager, organizational development consultant, customer relations manager,

ENFP - content writer, advertising creative director, consultant, restaurateur, event planner

INFP - graphic designer, psychologist/therapist, writer/editor, physical therapist, HR trainer

The Theorists
Theorists excel in jobs where they can put their minds to work: innovating, inventing, and integrating.

ENTJ - executive, lawyer, market research analyst, business consultant, venture capitalist

INTJ - investment banker, financial adviser, software developer, economist, executive

ENTP - entrepreneur, real estate developer, advertising creative director, marketing director, politician

INTP - software designer, financial analyst, architect, college professor, economist

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