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Your Resume Has 7 Seconds to Impress The Recruiter (VIDEO)

By Poyen Ramos on October 4, 2016

As Eminem's song goes: "You only get one shot, so do not miss your chance to blow." When it comes to recruiters and hiring managers checking submitted resumes, you only have one shot to impress them, and in that one shot, 7 seconds is all it takes for you to get a 'yay' or 'nay.'

Recruiters get flooded with resumes day in and day out, so in their quick scan, they strategically spend their time looking into the important information you wrote down in this order:

  1. Scan summary and functional information to make sure you're a good fit
  2. Your work history to see if you have had a related career background
  3. They look for company names, titles, appropriate number of years of experience in the field
  4. Next, they search for keywords that show you have the skills/knowledge to get the job done
  5. And lastly, they scan for appropriate education, certifications, training etc.

When they do get impressed by what they read, you're then placed in the 'MAYBE' pile and get re-evaluated before they call you for an interview, that is, if you're worth it. Hira Fernando from Careerly shows us in detail how recruiters and hiring managers go over a resume.

Now that you know how they do it, I think maybe it's time you go over you're resume and apply what you got from this video, yes?

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