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Working In The Philippines

This Quezon City Office Is A #RidiculouslyGood Place To Work

By Marga Salvador on September 9, 2016

In the hustling and bustling of the working world, it's difficult to find a job that fits your basic criteria: good work, good pay, close to home. The Filipino workforce often find themselves needing to travel long hours in traffic everyday just to get to work. Luckily, we uncovered this jewel of an office in Quezon City that might just be the answer to your work woes.


Tucked conveniently next to Anonas Station along Aurora Boulevard is TaskUs PH's Chateau Ridiculous. Fancy name for an office, isn't it? Well, Chateau Ridiculous is named so for good reason.


We're willing to bet that you've never seen an office with this funky mix of modern and steampunk. From the decor to the furniture, every wall and corner of TaskUs' Chateau Ridiculous is adorned with something to tease the eyes and imagination—important for those very much needed breathers from work. It's not just the decor that's noteworthy about this office space. Chateau Ridiculous also sports a cool set of rest pods, a gym, shower room, and vast production areas for all kinds of work.

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TaskUs has definitely got strong office game seeing as all their sites deliver this same sense of working wonder. "LizardBear Lair", or the TaskUs HQ in BGC, features StarTrek inspired board rooms, bean bags, hot desks, and nap rooms. For those who are a little farther from the city, "Lizzy's Nook" in Cavite comes together with Bohemia galore—board rooms with majestic pieces of art, a grand veranda, a coffee shop themed reception area, and of course, sleeping quarters.

The teammates call the Chateau a "majestic exploration", we can say that that is the least of what it is. See for yourself and be a part of the TaskUs team!

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