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Job Search Tips

6 Things Recruiters Care About When Screening Applicants

By Marga Salvador on September 9, 2016

The job search can get pretty nerve-wracking, especially when you think about the fact that the fate on your employment lies in the hands of one person: The Recruiter. As jobseekers, we present our resumes and ourselves so that recruiters will deem us fit for their companies and office culture. For however long it takes to land that job, we want to impress the recruiters to get that first foot through the door.

You can do all the research you want on a company, this definitely helps. But it's also not a bad idea to dig a little further and find out about your recruiter too. When you first hear back from a company, you get a recruiter name. This is your key to finding a LinkedIn profile, previous works, journals, and publications. Discover more about them and use this to make a connection when you come in for an interview or company visit. Why is the recruiter so important? They hold the golden ticket.


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