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Philippine Government IDs Everyone Needs For Any Job

By Poyen Ramos on August 8, 2016

For fresh graduates, life after college is both an exciting and frightening adventure. For once, you don't have to worry about passing exams or submitting reaction papers. Instead, you you can now live out and apply all the things you learned, and learn a whole lot more along the way. But after breathing the air of freedom from school, this is also the time to breathe in the blast of the job hunting process.

The first time you experience the perplexity of job hunting could be overwhelming — from drafting the perfect resume to answering tricky questions like, "Tell me about yourself." Not to mention the staggering process of securing the pre-employment requirements. But, hey, don't be discouraged. Our best advice is to prepare everything early on so by the time you do get hired, you will already have most, if not all, of the necessary documents ready, and make you immediately available to start working.

Apart from your birth certificate and NBI Clearance, here are other mandatory government ID numbers you need to secure for employment requirements:

Social Security System (SSS) Number 

The contributions that you remit, or your company remits from your pay become savings for the future that will serve as basis for granting social security benefits in times of certain circumstances.

To register for an SSS Number, accomplish the Personal Record Form (SSS Form E-1). This is available at your nearby SSS branch, or you can get the downloadable form online. Submit the accomplished form with the original/certified true copy and photocopy of any of the primary supporting documents.

Documentary Requirements (only ONE is required):

  • Birth Certificate
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Passport
  • Driver's License
  • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Card
  • Seaman's Book

Tax Identification Number (TIN)

When you start working and earning money, you also need to start paying taxes!

To register for your TIN, you need to accomplish BIR Form 1901 for mixed-income individuals (self-employed, engaged in sole proprietorship business, and professionals), or BIR Form 1902 for individuals earning purely compensation income (employee). You can get the forms at the nearest Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) office, you may download it, or register online.

Submit the same together with the required attachments to the Revenue District Office (RDO) having jurisdiction over the registered address of the company where you'll be working in.

Documentary Requirements:

A. For BIR Form 1901

  • Birth Certificate or any documents showing name, address, and birth date;
  • Mayor’s Permit, if applicable
  • DTI Certificate of Business Name to be submitted prior to issuance of the Certificate of Registration or BIR Form No. 2303, if applicable
  • Professional Regulation Commission ID, if applicable
  • Payment of Professional Tax Receipt (PTR) from the local government, if applicable

B. For BIR Form 1902

  • Birth certificate or any valid identification showing name, address and birth date of the applicant employee
  • Certificate of employment or valid Company ID

Philhealth Number

Securing your health is vital. The popular Filipino saying, "Bawal Magkasakit” holds true because with how high medical expenses could get, it can actually add up to our burdens. Thus, the government has given us health assistance to lessen our load when it comes to hospital expenses.

Having a Philhealth number is one of the requirements for employment. To secure one, you need to accomplish the Philhealth Member Registration Form (PMRF) and submit together with the documentary requirements. You may get the form at any Philhealth branch, download it, or register online.

Documentary Requirements:

  • Two (2) 1×1 latest ID picture
  • Two valid IDs

Pag-IBIG Fund Number

Planning on getting your own house a few years from now? This is exactly what the Pag-IBIG Fund is all about. It is the Philippine government’s savings program that offers affordable housing financing for low- and mid-income Filipinos, with a mission of helping average Filipinos become homeowners.

To register as member, you need to secure a Member’s Data Form (MDF) and submit together with 1 valid ID. You may get the form at any Pag-IBIG Fund branch, you may also download it, or register online.

Good luck on starting your job hunting journey!

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