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Why A Career in the IT Industry is Cool, and Why You Should Consider It

By Monique Dela Peña on June 6, 2016

Many people think that a career in information technology (IT) is all about writing codes or fixing computer problems and that IT professionals are just computer geeks. However, these are just myths—stereotypes. IT professionals are actually some of the most sociable and creative people you would ever meet because their job involves working with others and creating technologies that make a difference.

An IT career is both interesting and practical. You could engineer computer software. You could create websites. You could design games and apps.

If you have a creative mind, a knack for solving problems and a passion for technology, then you should consider a career in IT.

Here are five reasons why an IT career is as cool as can be.

1. You will never have a dull moment.

IT professionals are never bored because they are always dealing with problems that they enjoy solving. They find it thrilling to understand a problem and arrive at a solution for it. For instance, software engineers, who design and develop many types of software, tackle problems that involve coding. To solve coding problems, they write solutions by using programming language.

IT professionals may work long hours—and are handsomely rewarded for it—but they don’t mind the endless hours they have to put in because their analytical minds and the work they do are a match made in technological heaven.

2. You could choose to work in any industry.

There is no business that doesn’t rely on technology. You could work in a corporate IT department, a software/hardware manufacturer or an Internet/telecommunications company.

The roles of IT professionals are either mostly technical or business-oriented. IT professionals who are technical specialists build or work with software. They are experts in the technical aspects of the business such as networks and mobile technology. An example of a technical specialist is a systems administrator who takes care of the multi-user computing environment such as a local area network (LAN).

On the other hand, business specialists create new products and services that can help companies generate profits or operate more efficiently. They understand how a business works like business analysts. Business analysts do research and carry out projects that would help the business.

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3. You will always have opportunities.

IT jobs are always in demand. Technology is constantly evolving, and so there is always a need to have IT professionals who are eager learners and problem solvers. They make it a point to know the latest advances in the field and train themselves so that they are more prepared to deal with challenges.

There will always be opportunities in which you can grow or advance to the next level in IT. You never know where you could end up. You could start out as an entry-level computer programmer and then later on, you become a team leader who advises a team of developers; or you could be a software engineer and because you have a knack for management, you are promoted to project manager who directs a team of engineers and programmers.

You could be anything you want to be in the world of IT.

4. You will be financially secure.

According to ABS-CBN News, IT jobs are some of the highest paid in the Philippines. IT professionals earn within the range of P38,000 to P86,550.

Based on a 2016 salary report, IT professionals with one to four years of experience like web developers and systems administrators earn an average of P38,000 a month. Those with five or more experiences like systems analysts and IT project developers are paid an average of P63,485 a month. As for those in managerial positions, they take home an average of P86,550 a month.

Not everyone in IT gets to be as rich as Gates or Zuckerberg, but at least, you will get to earn the kind of salary that you deserve and have a financially secure future.

5. You get to make an impact on the world.

Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Google—none of these brands would be possible without information technology and the brilliant minds that built them.

But you don’t have to be a Zuckerberg to influence the world. You could make an impact in your own way. It could be something as simple as creating a game or app that people would enjoy using. No matter what you contribute to the field, your work itself will change people’s lives.

Take Dr. William Torres, for example. He is called the Father of the Philippine Internet and has a Ph.D. in computer science. In 1992, he was the one responsible for bringing the Internet to the Philippines by negotiating with the US National Science Foundation. He also took the initiative to have the government sponsor the project because he believed that the country would benefit from having an information and communication system.

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So what do you think? Isn’t IT cool?

If you love using technology as much as solving problems, why be an innovator and be on the forefront of it? There are many IT jobs where you can accomplish so many things, be it developing software or leading a team.

Not only will you have a stable career in IT, but you will also get to feel a sense of pride in your work. Besides, you can be in the same field as two of the world’s billionaires are in—who are none other than Gates and Zuckerberg themselves.

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