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7 Side Jobs for Hustlers Who Can't Get Enough

By Marga Salvador on June 6, 2016

The sky is the limit when it comes the the number of jobs you can have under your belt. Regardless of what your day job or main source of income is, hustling never goes out of style and if you are a true hustler, a side job is always waiting around the corner for you. And even if you aren't a hustler, it's never too late to start (for all you know you already have!). This is a list of side jobs that hustlers can do in their sleep.
Learn to code websites
coding side job

In this digital age, being able to code is the new speaking English. What's great about this skill is you learn it once (and progressively) and your platforms for application are essentially unlimited. There are online classes and workshops you can take. Or you can visit your local university and enlist a science tech major to tutor you. If your newfound coding abilities are still a little behind, there are other ways you can use it. Optimize your blog, freelance your services, build a portfolio. Technology isn't going anywhere anytime soon and coding is the language of the next generation.
Become an Airbnb host
airbnb side job

If you have anything from a vacation home in the province or a spare bedroom in the city, you might want to think about putting them up on Airbnb and earn off them rather than using the space as storage. Managing an Airbnb listing is a great way to earn extra cash, meet people, and making use of dead space. You just upload photos of your place (or they send a photographer) and describe your area/facilities and Airbnb does the rest fora  small cut from the rental fees; so really all you need to do is prepare the space and check your guests in and out. This is golden.
Help out with Hey Kuya
hey kuya side job

Just how you would ask ate or kuya for a favor, personal assistant service, Hey Kuya, is a great way to get things done on the fly. If you like to be up and on your feet all the time, this is a great way to see places, experience via transactions, and lend a helping hand. Their slogan "Text one, then done," is quite self explanatory. You simply text "Kuya" with the details of your favor, whether delivery or task, and they get it done for you. It's like being a runner except you never know what or where your next task is.
babysitting side job

People think that sitting doesn't involve good money but there are some pretty swanky neighborhoods in the Philippines and you just need an introduction or two and you're in. What could be better than getting paid to spend a night in and basically just sit in someone else's home watch their child/pet while you pass the time with TV and popcorn? Best. Side. Job. In. History.
Coaching and mentoring
coaching side job

Take a quick look in the mirror and ask yourself, "Is there anything—anything at all—that I'm pretty good at?" Chances are there's at least one and that's really all you need in order to start coaching. Are you a gardener? Sports enthusiast? Board game master? Public speaker? If you invested time or effort into learning these skills or honing these interests, there are others out there who share the same sentiments so your coaching career on the side can start with a personal Facebook advertisment on your timeline and the rest is up to your hustle.
Drive with Uber/Grab
uber grab side job

This is a no brainer. You can sign up and apply to be an Uber or Grab driver online, attend an orientation, get verified and be on your way! Driving is a great side hustle for those with day jobs or other commitments because you can turn on the app as you please. If you're thinking that driving is beneath you, then shame.
Sell What You Got
selling vendor side job

Similar to coaching, if there is a product—cookies, birdhouses, garage inventions, etc.—or service that you do well, sell it. There are people out there who are hungry, interested in redecoration, or adding efficiency to their lives and if you have a skill or product that answers a supplies a demand, it'd be a shame not to put it out there. This side job is great because you get to work on your terms and your time.

There's some debate whether Abraham Lincoln actually said, "Great things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle." Now that you think about it, a hustler probably said that.

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