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5 Top Companies To Work For In The Philippines

By Kalibrr Content Hub on June 16, 2016

Sometimes, it takes the best to bring out the best in you. For a go-getter like yourself, that means getting into the top companies to work for in the Philippines. Whether you’re a born entrepreneur eyeing for careers in Ayala Corporation or a Pulitzer-winning journalist-in-the-making looking for jobs in Rappler, we’ve got some of the best companies hiring through us.

P&G Jobs

Procter and Gamble Philippines
Procter and Gamble, more casually known as P&G, is one of the most prominent organizations in the world. Their products have easily become household names: Pampers, Gilette, Tide, Ariel, Downy, Pantene, Head & Shoulders, among others. In 2014, they amassed a total of $83.1 billion in sales, with more than $10 billion in net earnings.

Owing to the success of the company, as well is the brands they’ve built from ground up, graduates everywhere vie for a chance to work in this multinational corporation. And even before they get their diplomas handed to them, undergraduates already talk of starting their careers in P&G.

Of course, it isn’t so easy: P&G hires less than 1% of applicants that come knocking on their doors each year.

P&G Philippines is currently hiring for Product Supply Engineers with the following qualifications:

  • Minimum education of BS in Engineering Field (Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Industrial or any related field of engineering)
  • Willing to work on a shifting schedule
  • Willing to operate, maintain and clean high-speed equipment
  • Experience in a manufacturing environment is preferred but not required


Uber Careers

This company needs no introduction. From business executives to partying (not-so) teenagers, Uber’s ride sharing app has become known as no less than a global phenomenon. Behind this success is clearly beyond just an innovative idea — it’s also because of a high-impact team that’s geared towards growing in the right ways and in the right places.

And now, as you may already know if you’re a fan, Uber has begun operations in the Philippines. They’re less than a year old, and things are only bound to be better (and bigger) in the few years, or even months.

Right now, they are looking for Community Operations Specialists who will be responsible for answering complex tickets and concerns (i.e., complaints, escalations, inquiries, etc) from both Uber riders and partner drivers through phone, chat and email. It’s a challenging but exciting role and that’s why they are looking for people with high analytical skills that can perform well under pressure.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Work experience of 0-2 years in a high intensity, fast paced environment
  • Excellent in both written and spoken English
  • Exceptional comprehension and writing skills
  • High proficiency using computers (typing, quickly navigating between various tools) and softwares
  • Excellent problem solving skills, able to connect effectively what users are asking for with answers to their true issues
  • Passion for creating support experiences that exceed users’ expectations
  • Willingness to work in a team environment, contributing to a synergistic work environment where people learn from one another and continuously improve processes on behalf of users
  • Willingness to work on different shifts, totalling 40 hours per week, including weekend and weekly evening shifts
  • An Uber evangelist — you care deeply about the product and getting others excited to ride and partner with Uber



S&R Careers
S&R Membership Shopping
S&R is the first, if not the only, warehouse membership shopping center in the Philippines, and when its first branch opened in the early 2000s, everyone was talking about it. It was the first store that sold a number of imported brands and products in one location. Partly owned by the US membership store Costco, S&R has not only expanded nationally — they have branches in Cebu and Davao — but also into brick-and-mortar: S&R offers its food items in S&R restaurants across the country.

Thinking about starting your careers in S&R? These are the vacancies this company is hiring for right now:


Pioneer Jobs
Pioneer Group Insurance
Pioneer has been serving the Filipino through non-life and life insurance for decades now, and today it has grown to be a strong multi-billion peso company providing quality insurance services to its clients. They remain to be one of the biggest names in the local insurance industry, and this is definitely the company to go if you’re interested in the field.

They are currently hiring for these vacancies:


Monde Nissin Careers
Monde Nissin Corporation
This company’s products are our childhood favorites (and still probably our favorites) during snack time. Lucky Me! Pancit Canton, Bread Stix, Eggnog — and just by thinking about these products, their trademark packaging immediately come to mind as well. This is a company that’s build timeless products and brands for Filipinos, and they’ve been doing so for over 35 years.

They are currently hiring for the following positions through Kalibrr:

Check out the full list of companies hiring now on the Kalibrr Job Board.

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