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Philippines, Say Hello to Your First Transgender Congresswoman

By Marga Salvador on May 5, 2016

Meet Geraldine Roman. She just got elected as a congresswoman in Bataan and will be taking a seat in the Philippine House of Representatives following the recent 2016 elections. She is transgender.

Previously working as a news editor for a Spanish agency, Roman was a Filipina living in Spain until 2012 when she came home to take care of her sick father. She's also got quite the political pedigree considering she will be successor to none other than her mother.

In a predominantly Catholic country like ours, it speaks volumes to vote someone from the LGBT community into a position in government. Consistently in her campaign and for the next three years, she will continue to advocate LGBT rights. "That somebody of my condition is going to enter congress for the first time is a statement that even transgender people can serve our country and should not be discriminated against," said Roman during her campaign. With a leap like this, who knows what else could be in store for the future of work and employment?

Good luck on your term, Geraldine and all the elected officials!

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