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Minimum Wage for Metro Manila Goes Up P10

By Marga Salvador on May 5, 2016

P10 more. It sounds like a small leap for some of us but for many of countrymen who need to make ends meet, P10 is massive.

The Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board - NCR have approved an increase for minimum wage earners in the national capital region. This follows an evaluation of the socio-economic conditions made by the RTWP - NCR board. "The hike is consistent with government policy that takes into account workers' and their families' needs, as well as business stability."

(Source: NWPC facebook)
(Source: NWPC facebook)

To take effect next week, the increase consists of an additional P10 cost of living allowance (COLA) for their daily take home pay. The previous COLA, P15, will now be integrated into the basic pay making it P481. The hike was approved in order to augment minimum wage earner's income which has proven sparse in recent months said Nelson Hornilla, chairman of the RTWPB - NCR. It does, however, only apply to those in the non-agricutural sector of NCR. For those working in agricultural, manufacturing and retail sectors, the minimum daily pay is at P454.

For minimum wage earners outside of the region, their daily pay remains unchanged for the most part. CAR earners receive P265-286 daily; Region II (P300) and ARMM (P265) have received new wage orders within 2016 but Regions VI-A (P261) and IV (P280) have stayed more or less the same since 2014 and 2013 respectively. For a detailed list of wage orders throughout the country, take a look at the National Wage and Productivity Commision(NWPC)'s downloadable table.

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