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Job Search Tips

Confessions from the Recruitment Industry (INFOGRAPHIC)

By Marga Salvador on April 8, 2016

Fact: the job search is daunting. Once you've spiffed up your resume and brought out your most professional looking outfit, you go on a series of interviews and examinations leaving the fate of your application in the hands of recruiters. Did I answer all of their questions? Will my resume stand out? How long should I wait before following up? Sure, your level of proactivity and perseverance to be heard can greatly boost your chances of making a company's shortlist for hiring but the ball is still in their court.

Recruiters won't let you in on all of their secrets but they aren't opposed to giving out a tip or two, especially if you ask. Things can, however, get complicated when you consult the internet and everyone's advice seems to point to different directions. Heed with caution and use tips and tricks that apply to your situation or the type of company you are applying to.

To help set your expectations more realistically, you can check out this inside scoop from the recruitment industry. Perhaps it's time to clean up your social media accounts and give your resume one last proofread before sending it out, yes?">

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