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9 Spiritually Encouraging Quotes to Uplift You Today

By Poyen Ramos on March 3, 2016

While most of our friends are happily enjoying the long weekend at some resort, with sand on their toes and salt in their hair somewhere in the south, a majority of people are also using this time to reflect, pray, and be still. Some of you might even be praying for some divine intervention with your careers or businesses, finances or health, or maybe just a small hint of encouragement for life in general.

While inspirational quotes from famous personalities always get us moving (I hope), nothing really beats the comfort of promises of hope and faith we get from the most authentic written word. So if you need a little spiritual fixer-upper to get you through this day, or even through the days, weeks, years to come, here's a compilation of verses and spiritually encouraging quotes from the Bible, and more.

1. For when you're in trouble and in need of saving.

Psalm 50:15:

2. For when you're afraid.

Source: allwomenstalk

3. For when your soul needs rest.

Oceans Hillsong United

4. For when you're wondering why things still hasn't changed.

Bible quotes

5. For when you need someone to trust.


6. For when you're overwhelmed.

One of my favorite verses for crazy busy seasons done by @craftedby @kristenstansell:
Source: kristenstansell

7. For when you need strength. Like, a lot of it.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me - Philippians 4:13:

8. For when you don't know where you're going.


9. And when you should work with all your heart for a greater cause.


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