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Trends in Employment For 2016

By Marga Salvador on January 1, 2016

It's a new year and a new game for job seekers. The recruitment and work scene is evolving in interesting ways and while this means you may need to tweak your game plan a little, there are trends that will make the work scene more accessible, more inviting, and more exciting.

Get your head in the game and watch out for these trends in employment in the months to come.

1. Boomerang employees


Companies are now taking a liking to these returning employees because not only are they already familiar with company culture and processes but they're new skills and insights have an existing basis for application. While this poses a threat to workforce hopefuls, boomerang employees' plug and play function will be hard to resist.

2. School isn't as important as skills


Graduates from lower ranked schools and individuals without a degree are making headway as companies are becoming more interested in skills they actually need over degrees from fancy schools. This means its high time to work on your skills and competency portfolio.

3. The virtual workforce is strong this year


In highly populated places like the Philippines, things are made easier without the geographic boundaries. Even if it is more difficult to manage a remote workforce, there are collaborative tools and technologies available today make the process much simpler allowing companies to save more time and more money.

4. Workplace flexibility is priority

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Offices and workspaces are evolving. Gone are the days of individual offices as communal spaces reign supreme. For the company, its a good thing because workers are requiring less space to be productive albeit at the cost of some remodelling. Workers want different and innovative office designs to induce collaboration and get the [insert industry here] juices flowing.

5. Man vs Automation


The age of technology has made our lives much easier by allowing remote and mobile working, connectivity, and access to all kinds of resources. However, companies are capitalizing on technology and automating processes where they can thus slowly eliminating the need for human talent in some areas. The robots haven't taken over just yet but they are growing.

6. Talent communities are getting bigger

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Dwindling are the days of hard applications with rise of work software and career sites. How do we take it one step further? Talent communities. Job seekers and workforce hopefuls are pooling together in virtual groups and chats along with the recruiters, HR, and potential employers. The workforce barriers are breaking and these talent communities are propping up on every channel.

7. The baby boom that will change the world


If you thought millennials were babies, how would you feel about millennials having babies? That's right. The time has come and the millennial baby boom is on its way. The bunch of misfits who didn't want to get married or have babies are now eating their words. Maternity leave, and even paternity leave, is on the rise within companies but millennials are confusing us again about taking it. What will the world's largest generation do next?

8. Work gigs and freelancing as careers

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Because of the shared economy, work gigs and freelancing are gaining traction not as sidelines or in-betweens but as full blown careers. With this massively connected economy, people can make a diverse and substantial living doing project based, contractual, and part-time work. Freelancing is growing in the labor force because it can be done remotely and multiple gigs at the same time are manageable.

9. Welcome Generation Z

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You thought the millennials were spoiled, entitled brats, with no direction, well, it's time to welcome Generation Z  to the workforce! The first wave of Generation Z  (born mid '90s to early '00s) has graduated and they are making their way through the job hunt. They are already proving to be the bigger and badder versions of their predecessor generation so good luck to us all!

The workplace and employment just keeps getting better and better. Happy 2016, everyone!

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