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8 "Tularan Si Juan" Moments You Wish Would Happen In The Office

By Kalibrr Content Hub on January 1, 2016

The Pinoy internet community has been crazy about the "Tularan si Juan" memes. Based on the "Be Like Bill" meme, each image shows Juan (not Mr. Tamad, mind you) in different situations, and not acting like a jerk, as some people usually would. In fact, Juan does what is right, what is decent, and we are all encouraged to follow Juan in his footsteps — tularan si Juan.

Here are some we made ourselves, because there's always that one co-worker you wish would become a better human being:
1. The one that enjoys libreng birthday pizzas too much.
Ito_si_Juan_12. The one who never seems to run out of kwento.
3. The one who can't keep his eyes off his phone. Ever.Ito_si_Juan_3
4. The one who doesn't understand the meaning of "permanent" in "permanent marker."
5. The one who has to bring drama to work. Every. Single. Day.Ito_si_Juan_5
6. The one who suddenly gets "sick" right before a deadline/presentation.Ito_si_Juan_6
7. The one who never gets to work on time, but is always papunta na.Ito_si_Juan_7
8. And of course, the one who's always online on Facebook or Clash of Clans.Ito_si_Juan_8

Images created by Alyssa Fernandez

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