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8 New Year's Resolutions to Adopt for a Great 2017 Ahead

By Poyen Ramos on January 1, 2016

Make more money, lose those holiday weight, travel more—these are the most popular New Year's resolutions around. By today, you may already have listed down what you plan on improving in your life this year. The hard part now is sustaining on achieving those goals until the finish line. According the, about 75 percent of people who make New Year’s resolutions are on target a week later, but after six months, it drops to less than 50 percent.

It's hard, yes, but it's not impossible to follow through with your resolutions. In the words of Oprah, "Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us. Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”

While there are a number of resolutions for you to follow, we gathered eight essential resolutions for you to at least try and develop, and perhaps make 2017 better than the last.

1. Be more mindful.

Often times, we live like we're machines, where every move is already scheduled, and even obsess in sticking to a plan. While this may be a healthy habit, it can sometimes take a toll on you. Allow room to improvise or to simply be still. Take time to live in the moment, or what some psychologists call as in the zone of "mindfulness." Put your attention on the present because being in the now relieves stress, improve sleep, and improve your overall well-being according to Harvard Health Publications.

2. Be a better time manager.

Have you been a slacker last year? Or perhaps you've been so busy that you're constantly multi-tasking? Time is such an invaluable asset and managing it wisely is probably the best favor you'll give yourself this year. Learn where to expend your energy and where not to. When you know how to use your time wisely, benefits will be innumerable—less stress, fewer mistakes, and definitely more time to do other things.

3. Learn one skill deeply this year.

It's easy to get distracted in a world overloaded with information. At one moment, you're very eager to learn about computer programming, and the next minute you want to learn how to cook. You can definitely learn all these things, but to be really great at it, you need to stay focused with one. So, instead of being amazing with three skills this year, try focusing on one and be a master of it! Don't try to boil the ocean.

4. Build a habit by sticking to it for 66 days.

Perseverance and practice is a beautiful combination, and you need these two in order to build strong habits and achieve success in your career. Psychologists from University College London conducted a study about habits, and they found out that it takes 66 days on average to finally get used to a new habit. So how do you stay motivated for 66 days?

Here's a tip: Post-it notes. Write down everyday reminders of your goals and how you're supposed to achieve them, stick them in the shower mirror, the fridge, or on the dashboard of your car—places where you usually stop to look and think.

Another tip is to tell people—co-workers, family, friends. That way, the next time you bump into them, you'll be reminded of what you need to focus on, specially when they ask you how your goals are doing.

5. Be a better listener.

It's one thing to be able to give advice to people, but it is in listening that one can really learn. Listening cultivates strong professional and social relationships, as well as improving memory. Being the listener—the receiving end of a conversation—helps you better show support for others, resolve problems, and build rapport.

6. Be more health-conscious.

By this, we mean get enough sleep, eat better, and exercise always. Reducing the risks of heart-related problems, improving moods, and some energy boost are just a few of the many benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. So, in order for you to keep your mind and body in tip-top shape and be able to perform better at work, consider your investing in your health. You only have this life to live, so take extra care of it.

7. Find a mentor.

And not just any mentor. Find someone who will help you grow into becoming the best version of yourself—professionally, mentally, and spiritually.

All the successful and inspiring people we're looking up to right now didn't reach the top without the help of someone who's more intellectual and knowledgable than us; who's had more experience in failing and succeeding. So, this year, find someone who will guide you in achieving the goals you have in life.

8. Love yourself.

Above all else, remember that it’s OK to make mistakes along the way. Be kind to yourself – the process of making improvements to our daily routines is a marathon, not a sprint. Self-love can go a long way toward a better life.

We wish you all the very best in life and in your career this 2017!

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