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5 Careers for Filipino Nurses Who Don't Like Working In Hospitals

By Daniel Olivan on January 1, 2016

It takes years to achieve a Bachelor’s and then a Master’s Degree in Nursing, and the idea of having no other choice but to work as a nurse in a hospital can be disappointing.

Fortunately, the medical and healthcare profession is one of the most dynamic fields that anyone can get into. Here are actually five career options for Filipino registered nurses who want to start working outside the hospital.

1. Nursing Professor/Clinical Instructor

The very same people that you may learned from in university were most likely nursing graduates and nursing practitioners themselves for a number of years. Becoming a clinical instructor/nursing professor is an option for nursing professionals who have gained enough experience in the field. However, you need a master’s degree to become a clinical instructor/teacher.

Once you get into teaching, you’ll be shaping the minds of future health care practitioners and creating a better workforce of future nurses.

2. Forensic Nursing

Forensic NursingNurse Together)">

Forensic Nursing is one of the many interesting nursing jobs available in the market, and while it’s something that you may not run into too often, but it does exist.

This particular path nursing involves data gathering, studying forensic evidence, and nursing technology knowledge, among others, which most nurses should be extremely familiar with.

Pathophysiology and evidence-based practice are some of the technical aspects of the field that most nurses are taught during their studies. Graduates will find that forensic nursing will be a familiar, but still quite different, field to go into.

3. Case Management Nursing

A Case Management Nurse is in charge of coordinating for the long-term care for patients and to treat them in optimal times to keep them healthy and out of the hospital. It involves a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, and evaluation to meet a patient’s comprehensive health needs.

As a Case Manager Nurse, you can choose to specialize in treating people with specific diseases or by age groups. It will also involve a lot of research for treatments and procedures and constant communication with insurance companies to acquire the best possible and cost-effective care for your patients.

4. Healthcare Information Nursing

Informatics NursingInformatics Helmet)">

Information gathering for nurses is very common from day one, and it is of no surprise that healthcare information nursing has become another career path for registered nurses.

This multidisciplinary type of nursing involves computer technology knowledge, information and data gathering, social science, and management in care science, which is part and parcel of any Nursing Science curriculum.

5. Medical Sales Representative

Widely referred to as "med reps," the job mainly involves being a key link between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals. A med rep’s job is to sell prescription drugs and medical equipment to doctors, pharmacists, and even other nurses.

Unlike the other nursing jobs mentioned, a med rep isn’t confined to the four walls of an office or hospital. The job entails visits to clinics for one-on-one sales presentations, or events planning for healthcare professionals to pitch their products.

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