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6 Career Lessons We Can Learn From "A Second Chance"

By Kalibrr Content Hub on December 12, 2015

Eight years ago, we were introduced to One More Chance, and it broke the Philippine box office records (and our hearts). This year, we were given A Second Chance, and Popoy and Basha did again. This time, teaching us all about the ups and downs of married life, achieving goals, and building a career around them. They delivered all the hugot lines we were expecting (and much more) but this time, they taught us a thing or two about how to make it work at work.

Here are six things we can learn from Popoy and Basha's A Second Chance:

P.S.: possible spoilers ahead.

1. Work is like a marriage">

Popoy and Basha’s marriage was not all hugs and kisses. It took a lot of work for them to get over their marital issues. Just like your own responsibilities at work, you have to commit in order for the good parts to show themselves. Nowadays, a lot of people are content with honeymoon jobs. That is, finding a job and dropping it as soon as the fireworks end and things start to get difficult. It takes time and a lot of patience to wake up to the same place and the same tasks every day. Your work is never going to be the type of partner who rubs your shoulders when you’ve had a bad day but that doesn’t mean you give up on them. When you make a promise to someone (i.e. sign the company contract), you give them the time, effort, and dedication they deserve… because they are paying you for it.

2. You need a little "fake it to make it" sometimes

In the movie, Popoy had to deal with a lot of insecurities with his business, his engineering prowess, his marriage, and himself. This was his fatal flaw. Oftentimes in the workplace, the culture is extremely dynamic and it can be difficult to keep up. While it’s good to ask questions and get up to speed, sometimes you just need to fake it until you make it. Learn the workings of the office on your own and don’t bother people with trivial queries. The keyword is ‘sometimes.’ If there is a big project or high risks involved, ask someone for help, but for the smaller matters try to figure things out for yourself and learn a thing or two on your own. When you finally do ‘make it’, you will be glad to have done it on your own.

3. True love does not conquer all

Contrary to popular belief, love is not the answer. More often than not, personal and professional matters get messy and complicated and are better left to themselves. While certain couples manage to make this multi-faceted relationship work, their strategy does not consist of true love. They set set their feelings aside and set ground rules. They create boundaries and limits as to where one relationship ends and another begins. Like any working relationship, there has to be a balance of responsibilities and accountabilities. Popoy and Basha’s married life suffered at the cost of their architectural firm, Gonzales and Gonzales. When you work (in the same company) as the one you love, be professional about it.

4. Communication is key


Though Popoy was the one who had to manage their business after Basha had an “accident,” it was still their business and Basha still had a big role in managing it. But Popoy chose not to share his problems at work and ended up making the situation worse.  The same thing applies to work. Whether you are an employee or a business owner, constant and clear communication is important in order for you and the company to succeed. It’s best not keep problems from colleagues, especially if they affect more than just you. Suck up the fear of being reprimanded because in the end, it’s all for one and one for all.

5. Good ideas need more than "gut feelings"

While good ideas are great, they also a need to be researched and backed up by data. Popoy and Basha had a brilliant idea of constructing a calamity proof building, and it was good in the beginning, but they didn’t prepare for what was to come. Popoy was so caught up in the belief that it could be possible that he overlooked some serious financial considerations but Basha was there to bring him back to reality. Unlike the movies, most brilliant business ideas are the result of long thought processes and hours of research. Do you think Facebook or Google were born overnight? A good idea is just the first step to a great product or service. No one finds success on a whim.

6. Try to make the "what ifs" what is

a second">

Sabi ni Popoy, “It’s brave to ask ‘what if’, but I think it’s braver to embrace ‘what is’...” However, if we’re talking about your career, it’s a different story. Many people work the same job for years and they get used to the routine. This becomes your safe, though unsatisfactory, place and eventually you are afraid to leave it. Taking risks, educated, thought out, and calculated risks, in the workplace is the only way you will move forward in your career. There is no way you can get that promotion if you don’t put yourself in the running for it. We’re not telling you to be reckless, we are encouraging you to take a chance on yourself. We only regret the “what ifs” in life.

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