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Job Search Tips

5 Articles to Read If Your Job Search Isn't Going so Well

By Poyen Ramos on December 12, 2015

Searching for a job is one of the most tiring things a person goes through. It's more than just sending out a couple of emails to prospective employers, filling new applications, going to a few interviews, and viola, here's your job offer.

That stuff is for the movies. You're probably here, reading this post because its probably been months and you've been sending out your resume here, there, and everywhere. You've gone to a few interviews and still no job to boast to your friends, and you're starting to feel like the working class doesn't want you to sit with them.

So, how can you hurry the process up?

Here are 5 articles you need to read and reflect on to help boost your declining motivation, and get you back on track.

1. To take you back into the job search perspective.

This article written by Marc Miller, author of Repurpose Your Career, talks about having to wait a couple of months (even years) before landing a job as hiring processes are also quite a handful for some companies. He says that there are factors you need to consider when job hunting like the depth of experience and salary requirements, your network, the geographical demands of your skills, the time for when you're searching for jobs, and also your age.

2. To open your mind to different opportunities.

Anxiety is a killer. And if you're on the verge of giving up, being anxious won't help you. Maybe it's time to take a step back, breathe, and look at the bigger picture. Writer Stephanie Burg shows us 5 ways we can achieve calmness and on how to open our hearts and minds to fighting anxiety when the going gets tough during your job search.

3. To ask everyone out for a coffee meeting.

Here's a helpful tip: When online applications haven't been working out, and you're feeling kind of drained, ask some of your friends or maybe people in your network, out for coffee and basically just ask them about how their lives are going—you don't even need to ask them for a job. It's a great way to get some career advice, or maybe even meet new people—it's a low-risk move on expanding your network.

4. To take a shot at a freelance gig.

Go for a side hustle like freelancing, consulting, or volunteering to help you gain perspective, sharpen your skills, meet new people, and try new things. You don't even have to be extra professional about it, as long as you have a skill or know something more than the people around you, it's already an opportunity to do business.

5. To stay positive in times of difficult circumstances.

I've always been a believer of the outcome of keeping a positive life, to stay positive in times of adversities, and more often than not, I always end up getting what I want—and that's not just material things, but also with life in general. But it's easier said than done, specially if you're surrounded by negative people. So, the Ririan Project lists down 9 ways to help you stay positive specially when job search attempts have somehow lowered your self-esteem.

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