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What Career Is Right For Your Personality Type? (INFOGRAPHIC)

By Poyen Ramos on November 11, 2015

Ever wonder why you're so drawn to the idea of becoming a teacher, a social worker, or an engineer? It's probably because of your personality type; the reason why you fancy a certain career over others. It's important to for you to determine and understand your personality traits as this is a key to guide you through choosing the right career, and hopefully, satisfy you with that chosen path.

Truity Psychometrics, an online personality and career assessments provider, put together this handy infographic of the four dimensions of personalities, along with suggestions of ideal jobs for each of those personalities.

Don't know what your personality type is yet? Take the Truity's Myers-Briggs personality test first to find out. It's free, and will only take you 15 minutes. After you get your results, read more about your personality so you will have a better understanding of who you really are, and how the following job suggestions will fit you.

Careers for your Personality Type from Truity Truity">

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