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12 Miriam Santiago Quotes That Apply to Life at the Office

By Poyen Ramos on October 15, 2015

Though the Iron Lady of Asia has passed away, there's no doubt that she's left a lasting impact on the Filipino people. Whether it be her wit, intelligence, or fighting spirit, she will be remembered and missed.

Known for her strong persona and high-strung commentaries, the late Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago has created much spur inside and outside of the Philippine political scene with her amusing remarks on politics, on her life, and sometimes even romance.

Love her or hate her, it doesn't really matter. Let's look back at the times when her comments couldn't ring more true for life at the office.

1. When everything is against you but you know you're doing your job right.

Preach, Miriam!

Photo from Bagelhogger

2. When your colleague is being a kiss-ass.


"You know, if you shut down all the TV cameras, the proceedings will be finished in one week, but people want more than 15 [minutes] of fame.”

(Miriam Santiago on slow impeachment process)

3. When people don't read the minutes of the previous meeting and ask about things they should already know.


“Ang dami-daming pinagsasasabi pero hindi naman nagbabasa. The main problem with some of our politicians is that they are illiterate.”

(Santiago criticizing politicians)

Photo from Sen. Santiago's blog

4. When there's an unannounced meeting, and you have to prepare a presentation ASAP.

miriam defensor santiago dyosko diyos ko oh god funny meme

"Anong klaseng operasyon 'to, may gulatan?

(Santiago on the bungled mission of the SAF-MILF encounter)

Photo from Funny Pinoy Jokes

5. When you're in a room filled with hard-to-impress people.


“I feel like Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom.”

(Santiago on her first Congress confirmation hearing)

Photo from Sen. Santiago's blog

6. When you come from an unproductive meeting.


"There’s no intelligent life down here. Beam me up, Scotty."

(Santiago while on an elevator inside Congress)

Photo from Inquirer/Greg Montegrande

7. When your boss/colleague won't take responsibility for a mistake.


"Aren't you ashamed of yourself? Saying 'I delegated the authority but did not delegate the responsibility,' or some such words? You should hear yourself talk!"

(Santiago to PNP Chief Purisima on the Fallen 44 Mamasapano Massacre)

8. When someone steals your sandwich from the fridge in the pantry.


“I am not angry. I am irate. I am foaming in the mouth. I am homicidal. I am suicidal. I am humiliated, debased, degraded. And I am not only that, I feel like throwing up to be living my middle years in a country of this nature."

(Santiago's speech on being bypassed for the post of  Chief Justice of the Supreme Court)

Photo from

9. When taking on a challenging project...


"I went to see a pulmonologist and then she said, 'I'm sorry but you have cancer,' and I said 'Yes!' Because I wanted a challenge in my life."

(Santiago on her stage 4 lung cancer)

10. When a colleague doesn't give you credit for an idea you gave, and he presented it to your boss.


(Santiago to students, citing a senator copying an old speech on the RH Bill)

Photo from WSAPhilippines

11. When asking your office crush for their help on something. Anything.


"Malabo na talaga mga mata ko. Pwede ba akong humingi sa iyo ng kahit konting pagtingin?"

(from the book Stupid is Forever)

Photo from Pinoygifs

12. ...And finally finishing it.


“This is goodbye. I shall not importune you any longer. I shall fade into the night like Batman.”

(Santiago upon resigning as DAR Secretary)

Photo from All About Juan

Thank you, Senator, for understanding our feelings. Rest in peace.

Quotes taken from Stupid is,

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