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6 Healthy Food Delivery Services in Manila

By healthbeginswithher on October 10, 2015

Picture this: it’s 11:45AM – fifteen minutes before lunchtime at your office. Your stomach grumbles as your mind starts to wander. There aren’t many food options around the office, and you’re looking for something healthy that can fill you up until merienda. But you’re in no mood to venture far in the scorching heat, plus you’ve got a ton of work to catch-up on. Given the circumstances, you settle on ordering Pizza Hut AGAIN to the office.

Suddenly a stroke of genius dawns upon you:  healthy meal delivery programs! A brilliant idea!

While these services usually require ordering a couple of days day before delivery, we’re in an age where curated healthy meals can be delivered directly to your workplace to keep you in tip top shape for the work week ahead. Gone are the days of ordering only fast food to your office.

So what are some of the healthy meal delivery services can you choose from in the metro? Here are health blog Health Begins With Her's six picks  – these programs offer fresh salad jars to vegan squash pizza to chicken tandoori (and everything in between) right to your doorstep.

A photo posted by V Kitchen (@vkitchen.manila) on Sep 8, 2015 at 7:09pm PDT

V Kitchen

Contact details: 0927-976-8088
Meal price: P650/day

Calling all vegans! V Kitchen is the first all-veggie program for those who want to take a bite into an organic, plant-based lifestyle. The team concocts creative five-day menus from breakfast to dinner with a varied selection of meals that change every week. It includes dessert such as their Raw Vegan Spirulina Chocolate Balls and Vegan Apple Cinnamon rings with each meal! V Kitchen does not use any artificial flavouring, or refined sugar in their dishes. They only use Non-GMO veggies and fruits.

They have a different menu planned out each week, just check out their Facebook page to see what their fixing up next.


A photo posted by @thegoodboxph on Nov 9, 2014 at 10:55pm PST

The Good Box

Contact details: 0917-7111-732 |
Meal price: P2,750 for a 5-day program for a 1200 calorie count

The Good Box PH focuses on curating full-day meal plans (including two snacks per day) that fall under the different calorie counts. They’re meticulously planned with proper proportions of fat, carbs, proteins by their in-house chef and nutritionist for a scrumptious meal. You can even ask their nutritionist, Fia Batua, any dietary questions through their website.



A photo posted by Sugarleaf Makati (@sugarleafmakati) on Jul 14, 2015 at 4:41pm PDT

Sugarleaf PH

Contact details: 0917-803-9055
Meal price: P2,800 for a 5-day program

Sugarleaf is a Makati-based restaurant that offers a healthy meal delivery service. They make use of fresh, organic produce such as organic pork, free-range chicken, farm-raised bangus and other grown veggies. Sugar Leaf also provides seminars, talks or workshops to those who want to educate themselves further including food preparation classes, talks on probiotics and a lot more (complete with handouts, food samples).


A photo posted by Diet Diva (@dietdivaph) on Sep 17, 2015 at 6:29pm PDT

 Diet Diva PH

Contact details: 0917-703-3492
Meal price: P1,900 for a 5-day program

Diet Diva looks like a good option for those looking to slim down. It’s among the better known services in the metro as customers are offered well-balanced selection of dishes that all amount to 1200 calories a day. The spicy tinapa rice seems to be one of the best sellers. Clark Dela Riva is their resident nutritionist that oversees the meal plans every week. Check out their website for the menu of the week.



A photo posted by Healthymonstersph (@healthymonstersph) on Sep 14, 2015 at 8:14pm PDT

Healthy Monsters

Contact details: 0918-985-6323
Price: P190 per jar

If you’re into salads, you might want to get acquainted Healthy MonstersThey  deliver fresh, scrumptious salads in a recyclable jars.  Most of what they prepare can be stored between 3-7 days, depending on the ingredients they include, and the mode of preservation you pick.

They offer six different variants, represented with the colored labels of the jars:

  • Blue: Skinny Caesar Salad – rosettes wrapped in the mustard sauce dressing
  • Green: Quinoa Salad – considered as their Nacho Salad because of the ingredients used
  • Red: Nutty Salad – shredded almonds, strawberry vinaigrette and variety of homegrown veggies
  • Orange: Chia Salad – greens, salad veggies, cherry tomatoes, chia seeds, singkamas and soy sesame dressing
  • Yellow: Asian Salad Jr – corn, shredded cabbage and carrots

What’s great about them is that their dressings are homemade, all ingredients are raw and grown by local farmers, and all salads have a low calorie count. 

A photo posted by BetterHealth (@betterhealthph) on Aug 26, 2015 at 3:03am PDT

Better Health PH

Contact details: 0906-305-2305 |
Meal Price: P650 a day (complete set)

Better Health PH seems to be the choice of several celebrities. It provides curated meals (along with a nutritious drink) made from ‘fusions of different cuisines, suggestions from customers or just the unforgettable classics,’ according to the website.

Better Health counts calories for its customers  and gives them the option to choose between small (1200-1500 kcals/day), medium (1500-2000 kcals/day) and large portions (2000-2500 kcals/day).  Customers can choose between 3, 5, 10, or 20 days plans which caters to specific needs such as building muscle, toning up, or shedding pounds.

Better Health actually also offers corporate packages and services for firms that wish to provide healthier food choices at the workplace.

Once your subscription is completed, the food is delivered to you, including a schedule of when to eat which. Delivery is free within Metro Manila!

This article was originally published on Health Begins With Her, and was written by RJ Dancel.

RJ Dancel is a writer at Health Begins With Her, a web magazine for Filipinas looking to lead a healthy lifestyle through organic beauty, nutrition, fitness and tech. RJ is also learning about the rewarding journey that is motherhood as she has recently given birth to beautiful baby boy.