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UP students, here's how you get a summer internship

By Kalibrr Content Hub on June 6, 2015

If you're not going to study during the midyear season, why not make your break productive by going on an internship! There are tons of opportunities out there that will help you earn experience and contribute to your professional growth. For students from the University of the Philippines (UP), here are eight of the most essential steps you can do to land to your dream summer internship:

1. Attend career talks

[caption id="attachment_2458" align="aligncenter" width="960"]The UP Career Assistance Program is a student-run organization that provides various career opportunities to the students of the UP Virata School of Business and the UP School of Economics. *Photo courtesy of UP Career Assistance Program - The UP Career Assistance Program is a student-run organization that provides various career opportunities to the students of the UP Virata School of Business and the UP School of Economics. *Photo courtesy of UP Career Assistance Program[/caption]

If you haven’t figured out yet which path you are to take in the future, there are a lot of company talks organized by different student organizations in UP. By attending such, you will have a glimpse about how a certain field works in the real world. Career talks are really helpful for you to have an idea of where you will be few years from now - especially if you are still in your soul searching journey phase of your career path.

2. Create a great résumé
Never ever look for jobs without a résumé. This will be the summary of who you are as a person. In your résumé, be as direct to the point as possible. No need to add in a paragraph-length description on what you have done in college. Also, make sure to only place relevant information. Company representatives need to remember you in just a snap. It is better to create a stand-out résumé than a long one. For a few more crucial tips to creating that résumé, click here.

3. Attend job fairs

[caption id="attachment_2459" align="alignnone" width="886"]*Photo courtesy of UP Career Fair 2015 - Photo courtesy of UP Career Fair 2015[/caption]

Attending job fairs is the easiest way to expand your network. Lots of job fairs are held in UP in different months. Make sure to know when and where each job fair is happening. There’s the University Job Fair, University Career Fair organized by USC, JPIA, and AdCore, University Career Fair by UP CAP, UP Career Expo by UP CAPS, and a whole lot more. Be smart and know what to say when talking to company representatives. Make sure to have a copy of their company brochures for important information and contact details.

4. Attend a mixer night

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 1.48.28 PM

There are few mixer nights organized by either the student organizations or companies. Again, know when and where these mixer nights are to be held. This is when company representatives and students interact in a closer setting. You can discuss about the “usual” – what the company is all about, their job openings, and their office location. But it could go way beyond that. Your conversation can even lead to knowing the culture of the company, how it started, and knowing their future plans. Don’t forget to get their calling cards. It’s all about being remembered and leaving a great impression!


5. Follow up through e-mails and calls
Now, here is why it’s important to get a copy of their company brochures and calling cards – for follow-ups. If you have a company in mind and they haven’t given you a call, then it’s up to you to do the first move. You can inquire through their email address but include the reason why you are inquiring in your subject heading and body. The fastest way to get response is by giving them a call. Companies appreciate students who have the initiative to know the organization and be part of it.

6. Ask your working friends

This is also one of the reasons why it is essential to be part of student organizations. Not only will you create long-lasting friendships, but you can also ask them for help. You can ask for contact details, job openings, and even ask for referrals from some of your closest working friends. Always keep in touch with your friends who have graduated ahead of you. Who knows where this friendship might bring you!

7. Utilize online job seeking platforms
With the fast growth of technology, almost everything is just a click away. You can check each company’s websites and inquire one by one or you can search for jobs in just one platform through websites such as Kalibrr. Since you can do practically everything by just the tip of your fingers, accessing jobs now is easier and faster as compared to how it was done during the old days.

8. Be confident!
Of course, all it takes is the right amount of attitude, knowledge, and confidence to get to where you want to be. Practice, practice, practice how to talk, communicate, and sell yourself. Think of yourself as one brand – a brand that you want your market to have. Know where you are good at and where you are not and work your way from there. And never forget to always bring a smile with you - nothing goes wrong with a smile!

Good luck and go get that internship!


Words by Kat Tuano

Kat Tuano is currently studying Business Administration in UP Diliman. She values time more than anything - trying to make the most out of every situation and grabbing every possible opportunity that comes her way. A well-driven young lady, who enjoys spending her time doing outreach activities.