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Top Paying Entry Level Jobs in the Philippines for 2015

By Kalibrr Content Hub on June 6, 2015

Welcome to the work force where aside from trying to find a job you like, you're going to have to learn to negotiate salaries, weigh your choices, be on a constant search, and constantly look like you know what you're doing.

To make the choices easier, Kalibrr's CEO Paul Rivera gives this piece of advice: "I’m a big believer that you should make what you’re worth but as a fresh graduate, the bottom line is you’re not going to make that much. Knowing that, get the best salary you can, but don’t do it at the expense of working for a company or startup that continues to develop and hone your skills, especially in areas like product, engineering, customer support, sales and marketing – all areas critical to creating a technology startup. Always choose the company where you’ll learn the most rather than where you’ll earn the most."

That being said, it doesn't hurt to be informed of what jobs will pay well - especially if for any reason at all, you need to make money right away.

Yes, earning a high salary as an office newbie is possible. This infographic, based on's Annual Salary Report for 2015, identifies the five fields that give the highest starting salaries for entry level jobs.

The quick lesson that bears repeating? It pays a lot to be in Information Technology (IT). Topping the list is one of its many specializations, IT/computer – software, with an average salary of almost P38,000. Next on the list at an average of P33,029 is another job in the IT field, database administrator.

Check out the rest of the top paying entry level jobs and tell us what you think. For those whose chosen career path is on the list, does this motivate you further? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.