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How to get an NBI clearance in the Philippines the fast way

By Paulo Vargas on June 6, 2015

In May, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) launched a faster way towards getting your NBI clearance.

If you didn't know yet, the NBI clearance is an essential government ID that all companies require before you get hired. For them, it's proof that you have no criminal records.

Before the new system, people who were out to get their NBI clearance would have to line up in Clearance Centers nationwide for hours. I remember waking up at 4AM just so I can line up at 5:30AM to be part of the few lucky hundred they can entertain in a day. The old system used to take a whole day to process, but with technology comes relief - NBI claims that the new system will be significantly faster.

There are now just three steps you have to take for the new NBI clearance. Kalibrr lists down the step-by-step guide on how the new system works.

1. Go to and fill up the form

It will look something like this:

NBI onlineThere is also a mobile version you can visit on your phones, which will look like this:

NBI mobile

After filling out the forms, you have to choose an appointment date, then pay for the NBI Clearance.

You will be given a registration code or reference number. Remember to write it down because you will need it for the next step.

You can pay via online banking, over-the-counter bank payment, and other non-bank payment such as Luzon Brokerage Corporation (LBC), ATM and debit cards, Bayad Center, or Robinsons Department Stores.

2. Go to the nearest NBI Clearance Center to have your photo and biometrics taken

Here is a list of the clearance centers you can go to. You have to present your registration code or your reference number to get in.

3. Wait for a print-out

Unfortunately, if you get a "hit," you have to claim your clearance on a date they would specify.

A hit is when you have the same name as someone else, your namesake has a criminal record, or you yourself have one.

Usually, it would take five days for them to verify the records if you have a hit.

There you have it! Three easy steps to get your NBI Clearance. Unfortunately, if you go to a clearance center notorious for long lines (NBI Taft), you still have to fall in line for while before you can finish step 2.

After your NBI clearance, you're a few steps closer to starting at that new job.