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Ateneans, here's how to have the best intersession period ever

By Kalibrr Content Hub on June 6, 2015

June is finally here and for the very first time, Ateneans haven't started worrying about school.

With the implementation of the academic calendar shift comes a four month-intersession period - more than 100 days of "summer." For some, it means jetting off to the other ends of the world on luxurious family vacations or independent study tours. For others, it means catching up on sleep and TV shows and after that, being bored out of their wits.

It doesn't have to be though. Make the last two months of summer count by killing the boredom and being productive through these five top tips.

Learn a language

[caption id="attachment_2411" align="alignleft" width="300"]If K-Pop is your thing, then perhaps a minor or certificate in Korean proficiency is for you!  (Image taken from the Department of Modern Languages Facebook account.) If K-Pop is your thing, then perhaps a minor or certificate in Korean proficiency is for you! (Image taken from the Department of Modern Languages Facebook account)[/caption]

Learning a foreign language definitely takes time and perseverance, but it's bound to pay off in the long run.

Take a summer language class! In deciding which language to study and focus on, a good idea is to identify and keep in mind your interests. Which culture fascinates you the most? If you've always been a Francophile because you love their films, then French is for you! Big fan of Bratwurst, Sauerkraut, and Spätzle? Choose German! Fascinated by architecture? Italian is a good place to start since Italy has given rise to a number of architectural styles.

Being multilingual can be of big help in many different ways. Studying or working abroad will be easier because you'll understand what the natives are saying (hooray for not getting lost!). Later on, you'll no longer need subtitles or interpreters when watching films or reading novels in that language.

Additionally, your resume will look more impressive if you've mastered more languages. So go try to study a language this summer! Who knows — it might even convince you to take it up as a minor or certificate in language proficiency when classes resume!

Go mountain climbing

By now, you've probably experienced having your Facebook and Instagram feeds filled with pictures of your friends hiking and reaching the peak of this and that mountain.

If you've always wanted to give mountain climbing a try, now's the time to do it! If you're a beginner and feeling apprehensive about the hike, there are tour groups that can help and guide you and your friends along the way. Or better yet, stay tuned to the Facebook page of the Loyola Mountaineers, Ateneo's student org focusing on mountaineering, environmental preservation and rehabilitation, for their open climbs.

Sign up for projects and positions in orgs

It's no secret that the org culture is very strong in the Ateneo.

Almost everybody has an organization they're a part of and it's not uncommon to see an Atenean have more than one or two orgs. But why not step it up this time by joining one - or a few! - this summer, even before Recruitment Week starts? Some orgs and clusters have opened up applications for the different positions and projects they have in lined for the upcoming school year. If you think you have the dedication and passion to lead a project and serve the org, go send in that application form!

Take an interesting elective this intersession period
The different departments of Ateneo often offers a wide variety of interesting electives available during the summer semester only. If you’re taking up classes this intersession period and are looking to take up a fun class, then an elective is for you!

Some choices are Gender and the Media from the Communication department, Youth Leadership for Engaged Citizenship from the Interdisciplinary Studies department, and if you've been convinced by my first point, Basic Language and Culture from the Modern Languages department.

Get an internship

[caption id="attachment_2408" align="alignleft" width="300"]Applying for jobs and internships become simpler with the help of the LSOPCS! (Image taken from the Loyola School Office of Placement Facebook page.) Applying for jobs and internships become simpler with the help of the LSOPCS! (Image taken from the Loyola School Office of Placement Facebook page.)[/caption]

Keeps you productive? Check.

Could help you earn money? Check.

Pimps out your resume? Double check.

Internships are without a doubt one of the best ways to stay productive during summer. This is where Kalibrr comes in! Aside from being able to apply for internships on Kalibrr, the career advice can help you in all bases of your internship hunt - from crafting the perfect resume, connecting you to your dream company, guiding you for your interview (how to dress and what to say), and being the best intern that you can be. It's never too late to prepare and if not now, when?

Make sure you also keep in touch with the Loyola Schools Office of Placement and Career Services for help offline.
Do keep in mind that these five tips are only the tip of the iceberg. If you’ve got any more suggestions or any other ideas on how to make this summer a fruitful one, share it with us here in the comments below!


Text by Mariel Arboleda

Mariel is currently studying AB Interdisciplinary Studies (with tracks in Communication and Psychology) in Ateneo de Manila University. She's an overly-ambitious workaholic who's always at a loss for words.