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5 reasons why UA&P's small population is an advantage

By Kalibrr Content Hub on June 6, 2015

The University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) is probably one of the smallest universities in the Philippines. It has a population of less than 2,500 students - as opposed to other universities which range from 10,000 - 60,000.

Coming from a prestigious all boys school with around 480 students in one batch amounting to roughly 5,000+ students in the whole school, I always thought safety in numbers was a good thing. I thought: when you are with a lot of people, it’s easier to blend in and to be part of the whole.

However, I realized it’s quite the opposite when I entered college. I learned that quantity doesn’t necessarily equate to quality. Even though UA&P is a small school, it is one with a big heart.

UA&P students will probably be the friendliest people you’ll ever meet

You don't have to worry about being an outcast just because you’re new to the university. UA&P’s small school population allows you to meet different people from different courses, year levels, and different walks of life. You don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not just to blend in. Just be yourself!

The student to teacher ratio = quality education

Imagine being part of a class that has around 40–60 students in one classroom. This is the case for most universities, where you’ll probably just end up sitting at the back of the room and keep yourself from checking your watch every 5 minutes or so wishing the class would end already.

In UA&P, that is not the case. Our small school population allows us to have a classroom size of around 25-30 students! The student to teacher ratio allows you to have a unique learning experience wherein you interact with your professors and they get to know you on a more personal level.

If you are a part of a classroom size of around 50-60 people, you might probably just be another face in the crowd, or just another student number. Our population allows the classroom to be a conducive place for learning where the students can easily approach the professor if they need help with anything. I've even had an experience wherein I sought for help with my professor for another subject!





The mentoring program


Due to to the school’s population, a program has been developed for each and every student known as the mentoring program. It’s where the school partners you up with either a faculty or a staff member of the university as your own personal mentor who will personally guide you with any of your concerns. You can talk about literally anything and everything under the sun with your mentor. May it be your academic life, social life, love life (or even lack of a love life), your mentor will always be there to listen and give you realistic and sensible advice.

Build lifetime relationships

Whether you’re a freshman, a senior, or even someone who’s taking up his master’s degree, the people in the university are so approachable and friendly. The quality of the relationships that you forge within the university keeps you moving forward and helps you improve as a person.

PICTURE # 6On a personal note, I consider my friends in the university much like my family. They are there for me through thick and thin - promising that they would be at my side no matter what.

These are a few of a thousand reasons why UA&P’s small school population is an advantage and a strength as a university. Being in a big fish in a small pond will truly help you once you graduate from the university. The relationships you build in the university will last for a lifetime - long-lasting connections that might even help you out in your future career.


Words by Zikki Montalan

Zikki is currently studying AB Integrated Marketing Communications in the University of Asia and the Pacific and he is passionate, creative, and driven. Other than that, coffee is his fuel and is a nocturnal creature.

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