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Why interning at AllFamous Digital is a great idea

By Kalibrr Content Hub on May 5, 2015

Along with the rise of the digital marketing industry are fresh faces and raw talents just waiting to be discovered. With the internship season now longer than ever, the new breed of soon-to-be professionals are all hammering their way into the real world.

Perfectly timed, AllFamous Digital, the country’s fastest growing digital marketing agency, has launched its first-ever Internship Program with the help of Kalibrr.

What is the AFD Internship Program?

This isn’t the first time AllFamous Digital has hired interns, but this year, they’ve definitely brewed something innovative and amazing. For the first time ever, the company has introduced a fully developed program that does not begin and end with coffee runs, but rather, with a sweet, rewarding, first-hand taste of a digital career.

“A lot of students are interested in going digital,” says AFD Internship Program Lead Iggy Gan. “We filled that gap by giving them the program that they deserve.”

#AFDInterns are provided a daily allowance—covering most, if not all, of the food and transportation expenses. Because of this, commuting to and from the Makati-based office is no longer that big of a deal, even for Northerners like me. It’s both a motivation and a reward; win-win no matter how you look at it!

Additionally, interns get to undergo intensive training with only the best professionals in the field. The Digital Marketing, Business Consulting, and Sales and Marketing departments provide us with unparalleled experience, assigning important tasks, and expecting high-quality results. It’s almost safe to say that #AFDInterns are more than just interns—we’ve become part of the AllFamous team.

Kalibrr-ated Prospects

Last March 24, Kalibrr had its first graduate-company networking night called Kalibrr-ate 2015. Students and fresh graduates were given the chance to mingle with company representatives, learning, networking, and getting their foot in the door all at the same time.

In fact, interns Nicole Golfo and Bianca Macabuac, both incoming Marketing Management seniors from St. Scholastica’s College-Manila, landed their AFD internship through this event.

“Without Kalibrr I won't be at AllFamous,” says Bianca, when asked about Kalibrr-ate 2015. “Everything is just so awesome. I owe Kalibrr one.”

For students who missed that golden opportunity, on the other hand, Kalibrr’s online job-seeking platform came to the rescue.

During one of the many nights that I was scouring the Internet for potential job openings and internship programs, led me straight to AllFamous Digital. With one click, and an email sent at 2 in the morning, I was set to start my digital career. I haven’t looked back since.

The Life of an #AFDIntern

Learn more about the AFD Internship Program by hearing from the very people who have lived through it: the first batch of #AFDInterns.

How do you like the AllFamous Digital office?

“The office looks so chill—not the typical look of other workplaces. It is conducive for working creatively; there's something about being able to see everyone while you all work that improves everyone's productivity.” —Shannon Conrado, Organizational Communication, De La Salle University

What are the perks of being an #AFDIntern?

"I came for the beer but stayed for the company. Not only did I get to work with the best and brightest people in the industry, I also found another family in them.”

—Hazel Segovia, Communications Technology Management, Ateneo de Manila University

“I experienced different things in working in AllFamous Digital: a different working environment, co-workers of almost the same age, co-interns that come from different universities, and the privilege to work directly with the founder of the company.”

—Nicole Golfo, Marketing Management, St. Scholastica’s College-Manila

“I am very much grateful to have had the chance to grow in AFD. The people you meet there are open and friendly and the workplace allows you to relax and find your niche. It has definitely been an eye-opening experience to the world of digital and to the workforce.”

—Josh Nitura, Communication, Ateneo de Manila University

Why choose AllFamous?

afd3“I took a leap of faith when I signed up for Alfamous Digital. I never really pegged myself as a business consultant since I didn't even know what business consultants were. But thanks to AFD's internship program, I gained backstage access to the internet's concert and I learned its symphonies. I understood Big Data and learned basic social media magic. My mentors are hip, young, and funky. I learn a lot and love never runs out, even when it's crunch time and everyone's stressed.”

—Anton Alinea, Communication, Ateneo de Manila University

Being an AFD intern had opened doors for me and my co-interns—doors we never even knew existed. If you’re up for the great digital adventure, check out AllFamous Digital on Kalibrr or send your CV to today!


This post was written by Ayn Bernos.  Ayn is an English Language Studies senior from the University of Santo Tomas and a proud AFD Intern. She dreams of taking the digital world by storm, and creating killer content in the process.