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What These Ateneo Interns Had to Say About Being Interns

By karlnieto on May 5, 2015

Internships, as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is work performed by an undergraduate or recent graduate in order to gain experience.

Here in the Philippines, almost everyone has to go through it with many universities requiring you to go out into the world and get actual experience. If you're the ultra driven type, you've probably even got more than one internship under your belt, all under the name of wanting to prepare themselves for the “outside world.”

Due to the high number of students taking internships every year some companies even have specialized internship programs. Gone are the days of the intern getting coffee or being an expert at photocopying things. Different companies like Unilever, Proctor and Gamble, Nestle, Philip Morris, and many more in the Philippines turn the internship experience into a full on learning and training experience.

But, how far does the learning really go? Kalibrr asks interns from different industries: How do you feel about your internship? How do you think your internship shapes your future goals?

Nikki Tuason, BS Comm Tech Ateneo De Manila University 

Nikki is a marketing intern whose task is a combination of operational work and conceptualization. Her tasks include processing delivery orders, overseeing sponsorships, creating write-ups for publicity purposes, and pitching campaigns and gimmick ideas. She says:

[IN LINE] Interview - Nikki

Dani Tan, BS Applied Math and Finance, Ateneo De Manila University

Even those in the banking industry have their share of fun. Dani says:

[IN LINE] Internship - Dani

Aya Dave, AB Psychology, Ateneo De Manila University

Aya, an intern for a well known PR firm in the Philippines, shares:

[IN LINE] Intership - Aya

Matt Limlengco, BS Health Sciences, Ateneo De Manila University 

Matt is one of those students who shot for an internship at a global organization. He's a research intern who looks into profiles of potential candidates to the Ashoka fellowship and panelists/specialists in fields of social innovation. He says:

[IN LINE] Internship - Matt

These snippets from the different interns show that being the intern doesn't mean just menial tasks. Internships have become an opportunity for college students to experience being treated like adults and immersing themselves in the “real world.”

With different programs and specialized positions that help them figure out what they want to do in the future post-graduation, internships are an experience undergraduates should savor every minute of. If we take it from these Filipino students, the payment for the work is everything you get to learn in the process.
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