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This Philippine Startup Has Pets At The Office To Keep Employees Happy

By Joan Magno on May 12, 2015

Enter this Philippine startup’s office and you’ll be greeted by an excited beagle and a shih tzu. Regardless of shape and size, pets come in and out of the Hacker House, an apartment complex in Makati home to Kalibrr’s developers and designers. It’s one of the few offices in the country that have welcomed pets with open paws.


Pi, Einstein, and Jake resting on the couch. Source: JE Ayson.


According to a survey conducted by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, 75 million Americans believe that pets at the office make everyone happier and less stressed. This belief resonates with employees at the Hacker House, who say that more happiness and less stress are just a few of the many benefits that their pets have brought.


A QC-born-and-raised cat, the dignified Luna has found a home at the Kalibrr Hacker House. Source: JE Ayson.



Jake is a rescued kitten from the streets of Pasig. Source: Danielle Ayag.


This startup believes that pets are conducive to the creative and collaborative environment echoed in Silicon Valley. “With so much work to do, pets actually help me keep sane,” claims lead product designer Kevin Velasco. “I've had Pi since he was a puppy. It's great having him around at the office.”


Pi and Jake playing with their toys. Source: Danielle Ayag.


There are currently 6 pets residing at the Hacker House: Pi the beagle, Einstein the shih tzu, Ember the labrador, Jake the kitty, Luna the cat, and Kaye the bunny. As the number of animals exceed the number of humans at the apartment, it obviously gets quite crazy.


Kaye the bunny sniffing around. Source: Chad Estioco.


Einstein being cute
Einstein being cute and begging for food. Source: Ariane Ladao.


What’s the best thing about having pets at the office?


“Pets are free entertainment and free wrestling matches!” shares Chad Estioco, developer and full-time hacker house tenant. “They’re definitely stress relievers.”

Wrestling matches and playtime between Pi & Jake.

Jake the cat is ready to fight!




Business Operations Head Ariane Ladao says that she allows pets at the office because they lighten the mood and make people happy. “I don’t mind having pets around so long as they don’t eat my papers.”


But this kitty just loves paper.



Have pets improved work productivity?

Cassandra Wang, who rescued Jake as a kitten, says that when Jake sleeps on her, she has to continue working because she can’t move about. “That’s productivity!” she says.

Yet JE Ayson begs to differ: “How can I work when this kitten is on my keyboard?”


Pets increase employee productivity… Source: JE Ayson.



What’s the hardest thing about keeping pets at the office?

“The poop,” says Tim. Chad adds,  “It’s definitely more exciting because of those landmines.”  Whether it’s cleaning up after the pets, or making sure they keep the floor clean so they don't eat anything questionable, the startup employees thoroughly enjoy showing these pets much needed TLC. They’re even buying a kiddie pool for the labrador puppy!


There’s usually one culprit for the poop landmines. Source: JE Ayson.


These bunnies get the love and attention that they need. Source: Jisselle Bidania.


Amidst the balls of fur and poop, these pets keep everyone happy and stress-free. Who wouldn’t be happy going to work if a bunch of wags and smiles would greet you as you enter?