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Model Georgina Wilson Shares the Keys To Career Success For Fresh Grads

By Joseph Cueto on May 5, 2015

This time, it’s Filipina-British model, actress, host and celebrity endorser Georgina Wilson’s turn to give fresh graduates a shot of inspiration and insight in the arm. Are you ready to hear some helpful advice that can help propel you to a successful career? With a wealth of experiences and lessons learned based on her stints at the Ateneo De Manila University, where she studied BS Economics, then at the University of Sydney in Australia, where she finished with a Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting and Finance Double Major, and a post-schooling phase that she calls “a challenging time” in her life, Georgina Wilson shares these nuggets of wisdom in an article written by Alexa Villano of Rappler.

Georgina says that a key lesson for newly-graduated students to remember is to have a work ethic that is second to none, one that is willing to go the extra mile:

“…It doesn’t matter what you're good at so as long as you work hard, set yourself apart and you give your all. You’ll never feel like work is work,”

Georgina also advises students to be true to themselves, and that the career path to take is yours to decide only:

“…The most successful people are not people that are doing careers that somebody told them is going to do. There are people who follow what they know, they really reflect what ‘am I good at? What are my strengths?'”

These keys to success has served Georgina well, as she has now thrown her hat into the entrepreneurial ring by being one of the partners of Sunnies Studios.

How do you feel about Georgina’s advice to you guys, fresh grads? Time to embrace opportunities for success! Let us know in the comments below.