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Job Interview Tips

How to Have a Fear-free Job Hunt While You're Employed

By Kalibrr Content Hub on May 25, 2015

Few workplace situations are more awkward than when your boss learns you're looking for a new gig. While some employers might be open to the idea, you're going to find out sooner or later that this isn't true across the board.

So, how to go about it? Here are a few tips on how to keep your job hunt workplace friendly:

Network in real life

While online networking and job hunting via sites like Kalibrr is becoming more and more common due to the convenience it provides job seekers and recruiters alike, there's still a lot of value in actually meeting people and socializing. Attend conferences or meet-ups when you can. Use this time to learn and to broaden your network. You just might just meet your future employer during such events.

Making connections this way gives you the advantage of keeping your job search under wraps until you feel comfortable openly discussing your plans with your current employer. Unlike online job hunting where you openly declare in your profile that you are looking for work, no such trail is present in real life. As such, even if your boss keeps tabs on your online profiles, your job search still goes under the radar.

Don’t wait for your next gig to update your resume

No employer can fault you for having your resume online. As long as you don't explicitly declare yourself open to new opportunities, it's not going to look as if you are preparing to jump ship.

But how do you attract potential offers without explicitly stating that you are open to it? Simple: do not wait until the end of your current gig before you update your resume. Update as often as you can and you are bound to catch the attention of recruiters searching online. Having an updated resume strikes a fine balance between not actively looking and open for new opportunities.

Take advantage of features from online job portals

Acknowledging that this situation is a barrier for jobseekers, online job portals like Kalibrr have features that will hide you from certain companies (i.e., your current employer). To enable this in Kalibrr, click on your name in the top-right corner, go to “Account Settings”, and in the “Sourcing Visibility” section you could choose the companies you would like to be hidden from. We will automatically suggest companies based on what we have in our database.

Do some side gigs

Finally, if you feel you're not yet a hundred percent ready to fill a new role, you could always take on some side gigs. This option has numerous advantages. For one, you could “get a feel” for a role without having to give a long-term commitment. A side gig can give you an opportunity to learn skills outside those which are needed in your present role. Plus, it can give you some extra cash! It goes without saying, doing side gigs can expand your network as well. A satisfied client might just be your next full-time employer.

If you go about it wisely, a job hunt while at a job will go smooth and fear-free. Don't wait to look for the job you want just because you're afraid your current boss isn't going to like it. The career path is long and winding and we all deserve better.

Do you have your own stories of looking for a job while still being employed? Share them with us in the comments section below.

*Words by Chad Estioco, graphic by Alyssa Fernandez