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Work Productivity and Hacks

How My Son Taught Me to #WinAtTheWorkplace

By Beatrice Magno on May 5, 2015

Motherhood is something I wouldn’t trade for anything. Every day, I learn something new from my son, Mateo. It surprises me sometimes that at the very young age of 2, he can actually #WinAtLife more than I can. I’ve made a list of things I've learned from Mateo that I’ve applied in the workplace - read on so you can try them too.

1. It’s okay to ask for help

Mateo, given that he’s 2, always asks for help. From getting his toys to coloring figures in his workbook. Help, certainly, will let you be more efficient, useful, and creative in moments when you feel stuck. It can also create a feeling of shared effort and achievement which makes for a stronger team.

2. “Try it and you might like it”

I always sing that line whenever I ask my kid to try new food. I’ve always admired him for being such a risk taker! He always tries new things without even thinking twice. Risk taking shows off your confidence and lets you stand-out! Don’t miss out on opportunities and start discovering something new.

3. Ain’t no harm to add a little charm

The right amount of sincerity, wit and a wicked eye contact can take you a long way!

4. #MakeYourOwnFun

Being an only child, my son is an expert in making his own fun. He always makes things interesting for him even if there’s a set routine that he should follow. Similar to working, we all have times wherein we feel like we do the same thing over and over again. Try having regular breaks and plan your time! Always remember, you are more than your work.

Those were my little boy's tips on how to #WinAtTheWorkplace. I hope they work for you as much as it's worked for him.