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Ateneans, the Ateneo Placement Office will help you get the job you want

By Kalibrr Content Hub on May 26, 2015

It's a good idea to take the job hunt to different areas, making sure you cover all bases. If you're a fresh graduate, aside from applying online with sites like Kalibrr, you can also look to what help your school can offer. In this blog post by Kalibrr Brand Ambassador Davison Engay, he talks about his work at Ateneo de Manila University's placement office.

While some of us can't wait to hide our uniforms and schools bags in the closet and get to work, many of our “kuyas” and “ates” that belong to the graduating batch stand at a crossroad. They ask themselves, what career path should they take on? For some, it’s quite easy since they can inherit their family business or have pending offers from various companies.

Although, cases of inheriting a family business or having pending offers from different companies happen to less than half of the student body. Fresh graduates are often left alone and bewildered as they face the complexity and bureaucracy of applying for a job. Some will find jobs that would fit them perfectly but not all are so lucky. Those who go about the job hunt with less information and knowledge can end up with a job mismatch or lower salary than they should have.

I know looking for a job is hard and sometimes we feel we have to accept that life is like that. But there's a better way to look at it.

I have been working with the Loyola School Office of Placement and Career Services (LSOPCS) for the past year and I know there are countless opportunities waiting. To my fellow Ateneans, if you don't know what the LSOPCS is or does, it's like our guidance and counseling office. They provide talks, advice, and they will run us through the career path that we can take.

The LSOPCS is an office under the Loyola Schools Administrative Offices, run by its director of office Carla S. Siojo. Career counselors Ma’am Flo (Florence T. Ladion), Sir Ron (Ronnie Y. Rodriguez), and Ma’am Emily (Emily Rose Lizada) help give individual consultations on what step should be taken through the career counselors via appointments.

The LSOPCS also has a student arm composed of 400 plus strong students tasked with various responsibilities and the commitment to share what students really need. Mainly the student arm organizes forums and events that gear the Atenean community towards being informed and up to date of the happenings in the job market.

Since there is rapid growth the Philippines is experiencing right now, vital offices such as LSOPCS play an important role in helping future leaders of the country know which path they would need to take to pursue their ambitions in life.

To know more about LSOPCS, watch the video below!

*Screencap from YouTube video from user Florence Ladion

*Text by Davison Engay


On Davison Engay

The author of this article currently studies in Ateneo De Manila University and is passionate in empowering the young minds of the future. Aside from that, he empowers himself through tons of ice cream and chocolate.