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Actress Bianca King To Fresh Grads: Turn Your Disappointments Into Opportunities

By Joseph Cueto on May 5, 2015

For someone oozing with bountiful amounts of beauty, brains, glamour, and class, one may get the impression that actress and jack-of-all-trades superwoman Bianca King has it all easy. Perhaps that would be the case now. But before, it wasn’t always that way, thanks to the ups and downs her experience as a working student showed. Instead of letting it go completely for the bright lights of showbiz, call her a model of grit, stick-to-itiveness, and the “never-say-never” mindset as well.

After wrapping up her degree in Digital Filmmaking at the De La Salle College of St. Benilde, Bianca is now in a position to share the valuable life lessons, especially to fresh grads, as mentioned in an article by’s Alexa Villano. Listen attentively:

1. Make time for top priorities

In a few simple words, here is how Bianca can sum up this lesson’s key message: “Priorities, fresh grads! Priorities!” How driven was Bianca in her goal to finish college? She took her school work with her during her tapings and worked on them during breaks. She also crafted her class schedule properly to be able to fit in her work commitments. It also helps to write down one’s priorities, according to Bianca.

2. Turn disappointments into opportunities

After not being tendered a contract extension by GMA 7, one would think that it would be a devastating development for a fledgling actress like Bianca. However, fate had other plans. Talk about experiencing a blessing in disguise. The lack of a contract offer and the prospect of not having constant work gave Bianca the window to follow her passions such as fitness (taking up an online course to be a certified fitness nutrition coach), cooking (enrolling in Center for Culinary Arts), and her blog (entitled “The Closet Housewife”). In the end, Bianca shares how she used heartache as not only fuel and motivation for an exciting future but also to help her reach the next level. Another highlight worth mentioning was her being chosen as a finalist during an audition for Food Network Asia. Though she did not win the top plum, it was an unforgettable and unbelievable experience for her that made her believe anything was possible.

3. Apply skills you learned in the past

Bianca wears many hats, including that of a model, actress, yoga practitioner, entrepreneur and most recently, host of a new entertainment talk show in TV5. She cites how wrapping up a college degree proved beneficial in her showbiz career by providing her with confidence and perspective. Graduating with a degree in Digital Filmmaking at the De La Salle College of St. Benilde has helped her build further appreciation for her work as an actress and the world of TV and film production, especially after having stints as a production assistant and music video director, among others, during her college days. Yup, no need for stock knowledge and experiences to remain stuck.

4. Dream big – and take action!

Bianca doesn’t suggest taking the easy route for fresh grads. She gives an often heard advice: Follow your passion. Doing so, she says, leads to bigger achievement and fulfillment. How to manifest your dreams the Bianca way? She advises fresh grads to jot down everything and arrange them in order of importance. After noting the steps to take to achieve them, start working on these goals right there and then.

With these tips, fresh grads may not end up being exactly like Bianca but by exerting their very best effort, they can be kings – and queens – in their own right, people who can reign in their chosen career in their own distinct way.