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Six Ways to Boost Your Confidence

By Joseph Cueto on April 4, 2015

Does success breed confidence? Or does confidence breed success? Or does the only thing that matter now is making sure your confidence remains sky-high regardless of the situation and people you interact with? Then you’ve stumbled upon the right article by writer Gwen Moran, who enumerates expert-prescribed advice to upsize your confidence:

Change your physiology

Feeling anxious or sensing a precipitous drop in confidence coming? Aziz Gazipura, founder of the Social Confidence Center in Portland, Oregon, suggests a couple of things: (1) Moving around (i.e. taking a walk outside, switch places) and (2) Breathing (i.e. calmly do some deep-breathing or a little stretching). This prevents you from being idle, and in the process, helping you distress.

Talk yourself up

Be your own number one fan, your own booster, and even your own coach. Ramp up the positive self-talk as if you are talking to a treasured friend while harping on your list of feats and skills that support your claim. Accentuate the positive in yourself.

Focus on your value

What do you bring to the table? Remember that each individual has a lot of value to offer and is capable of addressing a need. By doing so, the lens you see yourself with magnifies the many good things you can offer.

Be empathetic

Heard a comment from another person that sounds like a blow to your confidence? Do not take it personally but rather take it with empathy. Coming from a place of understanding about why this person acts in a certain way can be helpful in making sure we don’t carry disapproving feedback all day.

Connect to a greater purpose

Having a greater purpose means thinking big and connecting to the big picture, which can come in the form of an ideal, a belief, or a project outcome. Being clear with and holding firmly on this over-arching aim can power you to forge on in spite of lulls in confidence levels.

Let go of expectations

Each of us want things to go a certain way but it rarely works the way we mapped it out. This is a reminder to detach from the outcome and to focus on giving your utmost best in the process.

Do you think you are a confident employee, or more importantly, a confident person? By utilizing these tips, may your confidence reach its highest levels yet, giving you the fuel and determination not only to do your job in a given moment, but also to step out of your comfort zone and take on more challenging and rewarding assignments. As Katy Perry once said, “If you're presenting yourself with confidence, you can pull off pretty much anything.”



Image from Wilson Denero