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The Pros and Cons of Working in Real Estate

By Stephanie Cancio on April 4, 2015

Thinking of working in real estate? Here are some pros and cons from people already working in the industry to help you in making your decision:

Con 1: Weekend work

Everybody loves the weekend. Unfortunately, working in real estate also means that sometimes, you’ve got to work during the weekend too. Depending on the real estate firm or company, you may be assigned to specific properties during the weekend because of increased foot traffic. It's no fun working when everybody else is catching a break.

Con 2: Difficult to find leads

Working in real estate requires you to dig deep into all your address books, as well as your mom’s and dad’s, and everybody else’s that you know. You have to constantly look for people who are looking to buy property and let’s face it—a property isn’t exactly an easy, no-brainer purchase.

Con 3: Expenses

Again, depending on the company you work for, you may have to shell out some cash when meeting with clients. You have to court them and that means treating them to coffee, meals, or drinks. This may be reimbursed but that might take a while. Some companies also give allowances rather than salary, so it would be a good idea to inquire about this in your interview.

Pro 1: Flexi time

In most industries, work starts at 8:00 or 9:00 am. Real estate companies are generally more lenient and will allow you to come in at 10:00 am. (Again, this may depend on your employer!) Apart from this, usually when you hit your quota for the month or for the year, you will have more time to do what you want and when you want. Some people even hit their quota early just to spend the rest of the year off work!

Pro 2: Travel

If your client is looking for property in Davao, Cebu, or any city other than Manila, chances are you’ll get to travel to these places. Yes, it will be a working vacation but it does make it more fun being in a new place. You can surely get a few hours or days off to explore.

Pro 3: Big Commissions

One of the favorite benefits of those working in sales is getting commission. This rate can vary depending on the property you are selling, and it can be anywhere from 1.5-5%. Think of it this way, if you sell a property worth 10M, you could be taking home anything from 150K to 500K.

Pro 4: Widen your network

Selling real estate helps you meet a lot of new people when manning sales booths, attending events, and through your own personal efforts in looking for prospects. You’ll find that your communication skills will also be enhanced as real estate requires constant communication with clients through email, phone calls, and meetings.

Pro 5: You’re selling dreams

Every person dreams of owning and buying their own home and being a real estate agent allows you to offer them that. It’s heartwarming to know that you play a part in making people’s dreams come true. Giving a person the keys to their first home that they worked so hard for is quite fulfilling.

So there you have it. Now it’s time for YOU to decide!


Photo Credit: Stocksnap