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Work Productivity and Hacks

Get a Lot Done by Saying “Done”

By Joseph Cueto on April 4, 2015

If someone told you that a certain word exists, that when said, can help you get more items crossed out on your to-do list, what word do you think would that be? “Open Sesame”? “Shazam”? “Flame on”? Any more guesses? Done? (Clue: The answer lies within this paragraph).

That word, friends, as shared in this article by the Fast Company’s Lisa Evans, is “done”:

Saying the word done can help you get more accomplished on your to-do list. "Telling ourselves that we’re done creates not only an emotional reaction but a physiological response as well," says Leslie Sherlin, a psychologist, neuroperformance specialist, and the cofounder of the brain-training company SenseLabs.

Sherlin cites a few more interesting and beneficial effects of saying “done”, such as helping our brains get into a more relaxed state and facilitating the release of serotonin, described by Evans as the feel-good chemical, is released. A good battle plan would be to pursue and maximize chances or opportunities to say this magic word. Here are a few ways:

Break tasks into smaller chunks

Do not tackle a big task head on. Instead, break it down into manageable and smaller components that, once accomplished, one can cap off with “done” as each step is completed.

Work in 10-minute segments

Zero in on a given task, set your timer for 10 minutes, and then give your 100% focus and dedication on the task at hand. Once the timer sounds, this serves as your cue to say “done”. Do the same for the next task on your list.

Visualize yourself completing the task

In your mind’s eye, picture yourself carrying out and fulfilling the assignment. Visualizing the desired outcome builds motivation and drive to take the necessary actions in making the mental image a reality.

Take microbreaks

Have you planned out your microbreaks for the day? Taking a microbreak is good for your brain, which helps it recharge and decompress. Take some air outside your work premises. Daydream. Do breathing exercises.

Don’t forget to say “done” after reading this post. Finish strong and often and may you have more opportunities to say “done” every day. Article done!


Image courtesy of Shutterstock