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Work Productivity and Hacks

5 Ways to Make Your Friday Productive

By Joseph Cueto on April 4, 2015

According to Wikipedia, “Thank God It’s Friday!” is a common expression used to indicate satisfaction with the end of the work week. Most people in the Philippines, especially moviegoers, are probably saying this right now, since it gives them the opportunity to watch the latest Avengers movie. Also, judging by this expression, it seems to connote that Fridays can be the least productive day of the week.

But apparently, such impression may be in danger since there are other reasons, as specified by an article by Laura Vanderkam about how Fridays can be utilized in a productive manner. Yes, you heard that one right! You can actually accomplish a lot on a Friday! Hooray! Are you ready to begin? Are you excited? Stay with us as you read and resist the urge to mentally check out.

Here are ways to turn your Friday into a good one, productivity-wise:

Pace yourself

Aiming for a productive Friday by your direct reports? Vanderkam cites Rodd Wagner, author of the new book “Widgets: The 12 New Rules For Managing Your Employees As If They’re Real People”, who states that employees need to have gas left in the tank to do their job. As a boss, check if you leave the team exhausted as the final day of the workweek approaches. This could mean better pacing of the work and staff utilization.

Don’t plan the week while you’re in it

Plan the week way ahead of time. The best time of the week to do so is on a Friday. Wagner mentions that Friday can be the best time to talk about the current week that was – accomplishments, pertinent items to accomplish the next week, and the strategies to employ. Arriving at work on the succeeding Monday has you armed with a clear agenda.

Schedule one-on-one meetings on Fridays

Fridays can be used by bosses as an occasion to touch base with their subordinates. Discuss matters about their career path, and check if they are pleased with the way their careers are progressing.

Go ahead and do the brainless stuff

Make time on a Friday to carry out administrative work that needs to get done. This can be a huge assistance to lightening your mental load during the week.

Create transition rituals

For some workers, according to Wagner, they start to “ease in” or welcome the workweek come Sunday night. As a manager, you and your team can usher in the weekend by giving them the leeway to socialize through a team bonding standpoint, such as having a group lunch.

What can be other ways in the office that you can make your Friday productive? Answer the question below. Contrary to popular opinion, Friday in the office is not an “okay to slack off” day. Follow these ways and you might just be saying “TGIF!” in an all-new different context.


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