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8 Ways Companies Scare Good Employees Away

By Joseph Cueto on March 3, 2015

Recite the first brand that comes to mind when I say mosquito repellent? Was Off! Lotion the first thing that breezed by? Though it is a popular brand in the country, this is not a post endorsing the product. Surprisingly (and funny) but in as much as there are mosquito repellents in the market, there is also what Human Workplace CEO and Founder Liz Ryan refers to as “talent repellents”, defined in this article as “ways employers drive brilliant people away from their doors”:

Most employers, sad to say, do a better job of driving talented people away than reeling them in, both during the selection process and after the talented person comes on board as a new employee. They don’t do it intentionally, of course. They can’t see how their systems, policies and attitudes frustrate and repel great people.

Here is a rundown by Ryan that may have those able to relate looking for the Off! Lotion equivalent for talent-draining bites:

Robotic language

Ryan suggests that job ads, an important communication tool, must exhibit a human voice that actually engages the applicant about the job, aside from detailing the duties and responsibilities it requires.

Getting in touch with viable prospects using the standard, boring, and cliché-ish type of messages speaks of “been-there-done-that” territory. Why not respond with a message that is personal, dynamic, and vibrant and follow it up by walking your talk?

Inflexible time off policies

A family emergency or a significant life event happens. A company acting as a hindrance for a request for a vacation leave can add fuel to the “time to jump ship” fire. Though it has its downside, how about a work from home job instead?

Hear no evil feedback systems

Are the leaders receptive about hearing both positive and negative feedback about the organization? About finding out what is happening down in the trenches? This can also pertain to utilizing proper means to give feedback to your workers and their performances. Getting stuck as an employee or organization can cause someone to move out.

Scrooge-tastic compensation plans

How far does the organization go to pony up and pay their top performers deservingly? A company going out of their way to reward their go-to-guys is a big message they are willing to go the extra mile. Here are a few industries to consider if you are thinking of a career shift. Plus staying at your current job will make you earn less.

Hey, you stole my idea

Organizations closed to innovative ideas, that promote the status quo, and where ideas do not see the light of the day due to fear of these getting taken by another is not a fertile ground for employees to remain secure.

Godzilla processes

Processes can be good stepping stones but if not managed well, these can also serve as shackles. A workplace slowed down by strict and rigid processes will make their talents feel like they are carrying a huge monkey on their back.

Constructive sniping

Leaders who have their employees’ well-being and growth in mind are welcome but those who bully their direct reports due to fears and insecurities can only be toxic to their people. You can spot a bad boss by what they tell you.

Triumph of the best and brown-nosiest

If one is making a living in a company where yes men and women are getting the lion’s share of recognition instead of the ones that challenge (with the right intention) and contribute, cut your losses. There are more favorable work environments raring to give value to you, model employee.

Share below if there other ways organizations deplete their war-chest of talents by pushing them away. Be careful. You company’s loss could be another’s gain. And it could be a huge one.



Photo By Omar Gurnah