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Top 10 Industries Most Open To Career Changers

By Joseph Cueto on March 3, 2015

Once upon a time, a former National Football League (NFL) coach was asked for a statement after his current team then fired five members of his coaching staff. He said, "It was time for a change in taking another step in a different direction." Safe to say, he wasn’t alluding to a guest appearance in ASAP for a dance number but his remarks can be an apt analogy for aspiring career changers.

Where to, career changers? Which way to go? If you feel you are due for a career change, an article by Drake Breen shares research-based information courtesy of LinkedIn on the top 10 industries most willing to welcome applicants making career changes. Atop the list are internet and venture capital companies:

The internet industry is comprised of much more than just people with technical backgrounds," writes LinkedIn operations analytics manager Andrew Kritzer. "Our data shows an influx of brand specialists arriving from Retail and business development/strategy professionals arriving from Management Consulting.

Check out the list to see the rest of the industries that have jumped at the opportunity to accept a myriad of applications from other places. Prepared to take the leap into a brand new, more financially rewarding and meaningful career? Go for it. As someone once said, “Your current safe boundaries were once unknown frontiers.”



Image By: Sue B. Maui